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Shipment Folly?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by vmfedor, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Heya guys. I'm getting a bit nervous.

    I ordered a sweet pipe (the Raydiator) and it shipped out almost two weeks ago. After it shipped out I realized that I might be in trouble and checked my state's marijuana laws, and apparently owning paraphenalia is illegal. (even though I would never use it for anything other than legal weeds :))

    I know nothing can take the place of a good lawyer, but has anyone from the US had any problems with paraphenalia shipments from outside the United States? I hope customs doesn't report me and I get busted for something stupid.

    Peace and love, and thank you for your time!
  2. not to make you more nervous but I ordered a hwole shitload of stuff about 3 weeks ago and it shipped out on the 17th of July and I haven't gotten it yet. I live in the US!
  3. your fine.....cause all the products are used for tobacco smoking, right?

    if thy're clean, they have no reason to do anything to you... its just glass...
  4. Moving to the feedback forum....

    Don't worry guys and gals... Everyone always gets their orders.......
  5. I live in the US...
    My order got to me...
    I'm sure your stuff is fine...
  6. I got my order, I got my order!!!!!!!!! Whewww! A nice new bong, a new pipe, cones! I am gonna go get higher than I am now!

  7. grasscity makes sure it get's there, thanks for your notice that it arrived, enjoy!


  8. I am so damn excited! I have smoked out of both my bowl and bong, couldn't wait! Thanks!

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