Shiny/decaying spots?

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  1. The title says it all. The spots will start off shiny yet still green but eventually brown and yellow. I have these on a couple leaves no more than two spots on each affected leaf but they seem to be becoming more plentiful. I think it may be nitrogen overdose. I am 9 days into flowering please help!!
  2. Here are pics the first one is a leaf that has a spot that is already yellowing. The second is one that is shiny but will probably decay. Anyone??

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  3. Classic minor nute burn.

    You didn't mention the medium, so I guess you're probably in soil. I grow in coco, but that's irrelevant. I run my feeding pretty hot and get the exact same burns from time to time, particularly immediately after switching from veg to flower and moving from CFLs to HPS. Like mine, your early burn looks like someone splashed bleach on the leaf. It usually settles down within a day or so, but is really an indication that your nute mix is a bit strong. Otherwise, she's looking pretty healthy.
  4. This is certain? There was one spot that got Worse before I even switched to 12/12. I used MG nutes early before the problem occurred. It's fox farm ocean forest mixed in with guano and I just recently started using fox farm big bloom and camag. There was also diatomaceous earth in the soil but it was for the most part removed. I said nitrogen overdose because the tips are darkening and pointing down on fan leaves as well and Guano npk was 10-0-1 should I flush? Thank you so much!
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    Edit: I get a little of this in veg also, not only when I switch to 12/12.

    Here's a pic from one of the plants in my last grow, showing the symptoms about 1 hour after feeding and placing the plant back under the light. Looks similar to me. You decide. (I knew there was a good reason for keeping this pic.) Note that the leaf tip is also curling down a little, like in your description. This plant went on to present me with 7oz of lovely heads.:-

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  6. It seems a bit similar to mine. Although I have one larger spot on each leaf but the tips look the same. Also I let one spot advance just to see what would happen and it got really brown in like 2 weeks then I chopped her. It seems like it's appearing on more leaves too I'll give her a flush in the morning.
  7. Also like I said the leaf gets real shiny but not discolored at first. Very odd.
  8. I'd go with your plan of a flush. It's not a bad idea, straight after the flush, to re-water with your new, lower-dilution nute mix to avoid leaf-tip burn. Then, if I were you, I'd let it dry out for a few days to recover from the flush.

    Keep us posted.

    (Freakbro or another more informed person might have better ideas, so don't act too hastily. See what others say as well.)
    Good luck
  9. Sounds good buddy thanks for the help
  10. No worries. Hope I actually helped.

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