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  1. okay so monday i am going back to school...highschool(alternative school to get my credits so i can get my diploma) yeaaa...i dropped out in grade so nervous i woke up 5 am(a few mins ago) i feel like puking and backing you guys think its a good idea for me to finish hs? ima do it coz ima go to a music enginner school like for mixing recording vocals...i run a studio..and make ima go to this scoo in cali after i get my diploma(medical mj :) ) lol...

    but what do you guys guys got any pointers to get through the next few years?

    i already got the :smoke: down lol :)
  2. do it. it should be easy as fuck..besides classes 8-3 highschool was pretty much the cool :cool:
  3. I'd go look around for a GED prepcourse take that then try and get your GED.
  4. Definitely the right decision OP, you really need a high school diploma today if you're gonna get anywhere. Some of my best memories are from high school, so you're gonna have a good time. It's natural to be nervous but that's just for the first weed or so, then it'll be a blast.

    Good luck man.
  5. I would say its a good idea. Not having a HS diploma can really hurt you in the job world, but it's incredibly easy to get one; all it takes is time.
  6. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take this guy's advice and settle for a GED. No matter what is told to you, having a GED is nowhere near as beneficial as having your high school degree. Just get it out of the way and get your degree. It's not like it's hard.

  7. Yeah man, high school is easy. Just keep yourself focused and you'll keep more of your life's possibilities open.
  8. Get your highschool degree man, it's gonna be worth it. It seems like it's gone by so quickly.
  9. I got my GED and it let me do fine, allowed me to go to school for a Bachelors in Computer Science. But like everyone is sayin, school is damn fun and it'll be one of the better times in your life. More enjoyable than any minimum wage job. Get that diploma and you got a shot at college, and making some big money.
  10. school will not always be fun, i have always hated school and finally had the chance to go for an online course, and its soo much better
  11. Based on your post, I would say yes, you should definitely go back to school.

  12. unfortanetly, I know a lot of extremely educated people who still type like that:smoke:
  13. lol yea dude idk i get decent grades when i was in school like c +'s....but tomarro is the day lol im ready tho booya
  14. School is first man..

    I lied .. Bud is

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