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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Shrooms, some people love them, some people hate them. Who here has done shrooms? What kinda trip did you have? Lets hear some stories damnit!
  2. I don't do shrooms, for the simple fact that drugs are fuckin gay.....smoke weed, don't do drugs man
  3. well after posting that and reading a few threads I decided I will clear one thing up cause im 100% sure someone was going to post thought about posting, "are they really gay" "can something really be fuckin gay"

    NO they are not "gay" but you know what I am saying so shut up plz :D
  4. ive been wanting to try shrooms for quite a while, but whenever any come into town im always away or deadass broke
  5. shrooms are great fun. every trip is different. it really depends who your with, where you are, and what you're doing - that goes without saying for all drugs.

    the best time - it was the the first yr we got together, and we had like 2ozs stashed in the freezer. we did 2g's each (i think) and started to play trivia pursuit. fuck, did we ever laugh.... :D funny, that's all i remember from that night lol
  6. I've tried shrooms on at least three different occasions. Unfortunatly the only affect I got was major nausea. I had to drink lots of milk to conter the affect, but never got any sort of "trip" out of it. Guess they just aren't my thing.
  7. shrooms are fun :) i haven't had any in awhile, but they have provided TONS of entertainment in my ill-spent youth, and i'd love to get my hands on them someday.

    i agree, trips are all about the state of mind you're in... but then again everyone reacts to shrooms differently!

    unfortunately the SHROOM gods have been against me for a few years now, and i've lost all my possible connects so they'll have to basically fall in my lap.
    if they do i'll let ya'all know :)
  8. Pyrite, I think you got some bad or the wrong type of shrooms. I think you should try it again but get them from someone else.

    I've done them 4 times, all while camping. EXCELLENT! I think they are a perfect side-dish to your weed main course.
  9. i love shroooms
  10. Shrooms are my thing> I love them. I have been doin shrooms just as long as I have beem smoking. Once at a carnival I bought an eliphent ear (fried dough with lots of suger on it) and rolled an 1/8 of shrooms like a burito and ate it. IT was the shit!!! I get an 1/8 of shrooms for $30 how bout you?
  11. damn i wish i could still get shrooms, I rember the first time I tryed it my brother broke into my step dads room (who is a dickhead) and stole his shrooms that he grew, we had about a oz of shrooms although we sold alot of them and gave alot to friends
  12. damn, i pay 30 for 1/8 too.
  13. I've never done shrooms but my friends are into it, I'm thinking about trying it but im afraid im going to have a bad trip or get too paranoid. They told me it is really hard too and I should just do it with them in a house for the first time.

  14. sounds like you got some shitty shrooms. I've taken them twice and had a blast both times.
  15. i've had bad trips, but i've had good ones too...You must not be gettin real shrooms if thats all they probably had some poisonous ones, hehehe...Gotta get the magic mushrooms.
  16. Shroommmmssss. Cool trip. Nice thing about living in western washington is that shrooms grow wild in just about every field and pasture in the fall. Even in peoples front lawns!
  17. damn thats crazy

  18. exactly. Same thing goes for Oregon..they grow like grass..But if I want to buy some decent to very good psilocybe I can get a half ounce for $50.
  19. damn its kinda hard to get them up in Los Angeles, and they're expensive as fuck too...But they are real good quality..You get 1/8 for 30....I wish they just grew out in my back yard...maybe i should start growin them.
  20. i dunno how to tell...i've seen shrooms groin out of the ground sometimes too but i didn't know that those were eatable.....but the shrooms I do are usually kind of a bronze/brown color for the cap, and the stems were white. I've golden cap shrooms too.

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