She's not 19, but she's got ID

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by d4rkw0lf2k7, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. and she walks nicely,

    so she got by free.
  2. There's a reason they call girls like that "Jailbait"! Be careful, son!
  3. Damn bro, you go hard don't you?
  4. Man be careful! I met a girl outside a bar 'bout a month ago, She couldnt get in cause they recongnized her fake Id, but she kept telling me she was 18. I live in a college town BUT it also has a highschool.. So I went in and left her out in the cold.
  5. "how was i supposed to know she was underage in a 21 and over club?"
  6. lol wut?! Did you actually find out how old she was?
  7. not an ethical descision for a player bro. If i was you id move on :S.
  8. You guys know this is a song right? Or is this over my head.

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