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    Hello, everyone. I came here to get my life back.

    I live in Florida and I suffer from debilitating PTSD. Anxiety attacks control and dictate my life and schedule. I can't leave my house or go into stores during busy times. I can't drive during rush hour traffic or any heavy traffic at all, really. I have multiple anxiety attacks a day, that leave me sobbing hysterically in corners, slumped over and unable to will myself to get up and take care of daily tasks.

    After a while I stopped leaving my house... Eventually my SO forced me to see a doctor, which I was reluctant to do, having already been on a wide array of benzodiazepines and SSRI inhibitors. But I love him, more than I love myself I guess, and so began my misadventures with an anti depressant that would almost kill me. The psychiatrist that I ended up seeing started me on Prozac, but upped it from 20mg to 60mg a day in a very short time. I almost immediately developed serotonin toxicity that almost ended my life and left lasting neurological affects.

    Throughout my life, the only thing that I've experienced that has worked to calm me and take me out of my fits of hysteria, is high sativa strains of marijuana.

    I'm here to grow my own medication. No more guessing at what I'm buying from the guy on the corner, or if it's laced, or at the quality/ strain. No more guess work, no more leaving my fate up to other people. I want my life back; so I'm taking it back.

    Edit: you can follow my grow journal in the Indoor soil section


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  2. Glad you're here and so happy to hear you're in control! I'm gonna follow you and cheer you on!

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  3. Thank you! I'll follow you as well. We fight the good fight

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  4. Follow me I'm from FL to

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  5. Welcome to GC! You're here for fantastic reasons. Got a lot of great info and helpful members in the growing section - you'll be more than welcome there! Hope to see you around the city more!!
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  6. Thank you so much, nearly everyone I've encountered so far has been very helpful and supportive. I'm excited to be a member.

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