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  1. Hey guys,

    I ended up getting a plant from my buddy since he was moving away. He left it on his roof with no water and the thing was literally fried to a crisp. He told me it was male, but there was no way he would have known that because it was still in early vegetative growth when it was burnt to a crisp.

    I took a closer look at it before taking it home and noticed some "suckers" growing around the bottom. I thought maybe there's a little hope, so I brought it home.

    When I got home, I immediately took it out of the earth it was in, I got some good earth ready in another bigger pot (pre-mix from heads shop, works great). While the plant was out, I checked the roots, most of them were dead. I chopped the fat roots and dipped them in rooting hormone and then dipped the roots that were still alive (the roots for the suckers) in rooting hormone as well. I then directly sprayed the roots with some high-end nutes (transplant mix 20-20-20) and shoved her in the earth. I then watered her generously. When it was in the earth, I chopped the main stem right off at the second node so that it would be impossible for the dead stem to leech any energy from the "suckers" or "leechers" at the bottom.

    I couldn't believe it, seven days later she's growing like a charm, I will provide a picture below.

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    As you can see, the leechers are flourishing in it's environment as the dead topped stem remains dead. My question is, should I just chop the main stem down almost down to the earth or should I leave it so I can have something to tie off the others once they are growing?

    Is there anything I'm missing here? How should I go about my grow with the following setup specs below (topping, fimming, pinching) and other methods. I know how to grow weed, just have never had a case like this where the leechers are going to be the ones flourishing.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Indoor grow, 2 CFL lights with two different ranges of light spectrum (very diverse), 1 small tube fluorescent (tropical light, originally came with the cover of the aquarium) 18h light/6 hours off for this veg grow., being grown in a 22long/14 wide/12 high aquarium covered in black/white paper.

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