She's a little bit of a runt but she smells delicious.

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  1. Hey guys, it's that time again and here is my girl. I started her in the summer around july and I started with three but due to me being stupid I killed 2 and I put all my love into this girl.

    She is undersized because I didn't transplant early enough and she started to become rootbound in her starter pot. I've since moved her to an area that gets like 7 hours of direct sun light a day and have been feeding her 15-30-15 miracle grow full strength every other week. Here in GA the temps are starting to drop and even though I don't expect to get a huge harvest, whatever I do harvest will be smoked for sure!

    Anyways any tips, pointers or suggestions you guys could give me would be most appreciated.
    IMG_2236 by Alleywishes, on Flickr

    IMG_2247 by Alleywishes, on Flickr

    IMG_2248 by Alleywishes, on Flickr
    IMG_2247 by Alleywishes, on Flickr

    Don't let the decieving angles fool you she isn't that big, I'd say she's about the size of a an average mans elbow to fingertip.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Looks pretty good dude. I think maybe you are a little hot on the nutes but not bad. Time to start reducing the N and increasing the P K for flowering. Add some unsulphered molasses to her too.

    Check your PH too at the runoff, needs to be 6.6 to7.0.
  3. Thanks I know there is some bloom booster around here somewhere!
  4. i got a lil runt myself lol
  5. Looks like you will get some smokes afterall nice

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