she's a downer!

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  1. hmmmmm,well my leafs are down at nigh..... why is that? is there any effects? :eek:

    ill post a pic tommorow
  2. update!

    look at her whats wrong? :confused:



    also at day time it looks sad

    and the stem has a redish color on it?
  3. how often do you water it?
  4. looks like a water issue.
  5. looks like to much water and maybe a n difficency for red stems
  6. the leaves are down at night because its sleeping
  7. Under/Over watering. The red stem is usually a genetic thing IMO. All of mine but one have them. They have did fine for six years now. "Knock on wood"
  8. Water dat bitch!
  9. Don't Water that Bitch! If there's one thing I've learned from GC is that 90% of newbie issues are over watering.
  10. I'd have to agree that it probably is overwatering, when it rained the other day quite heavily, i checked on mine and the leaves were drooping like yours :(

  11. You would think with a post count like that, that you would actually have correct information to give. dont be a post whore. the guy with less then 200 posts was right. maybe you need to go to the beginners section. -rep for you

  12. lol
    it looks alot like underwatering.... but that's just me.
  13. oh thnks guys :D, i knew it was over water,only if theres a way the sun could hit the dirt to dry up the dirt a little
  14. The soil in one of the pictures looks mighty dry to me. While over-watering is a common issue, in this case I'm inclined to think the droopy leaves are the result of not enough water...but it is hard to diagnose a problem from a couple of photographs.

    If your soil is saturated, let it dry out some; if the soil is dry, water it. Does the planter you're using have drainage holes? A lot of pretty pots don't.

  15. this was my same reasoning...

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