Sheriff shot and killed in my town this week

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  2. damn that sucks. I wonder what events led to this, some people can call him a murderer, but a lot of these guys only pull the knife because they've been pushed so far into the corner all their life.
  3. G'd up ni66a
  4. I read in one article that his mother commented saying he was brought up and raised well, she doesn't know where things went wrong. Also, it happened during a traffic stop because the guy and his girl just stole furniture out of a motel. It was unprovoked.
  5. [ame=]Bob Marley - I shot the sheriff (Live) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. same :( :p
  7. One down too many left to go.
  8. Atleast he didn't shoot the deputy ohhh ohhh ohhh.
  9. Criminals killing criminals whats new
  10. wow some of you are fucking heartless.
    just b/c she was a cop doesnt mean she was bad. I've met good cops and bad cops.
    r.i.p lady
  11. [quote name='"dazedBong"']Criminals killing criminals whats new[/quote]

    I lold Haha
  12. Fuckin' tweakers
  13. Damn, My roommate's aunt was the one killed.. she and her aunt weren't extremely close but still..

    Fortunately they did catch the guy though..
  14. I know a bunch of people who were tight with the shooter they say that was't how he would normally act. Drugs make people do some fuck shit...
  15. We've had so many police killings in my area the last month its ridiculous and messed up.
  16. It sucks it was unprovoked.. There's always 3 sides to every story , the shooters side; the sherrifs side; and the truth so who really knows exactly what happened but still that's fucked up . I'd not mind seeing the doushe bag cops get shot / shot at though
  17. Lol'd I'm sorry had to laugh.
  18. Why do people hate cops with no cause I mean MOST of the time they're just doing their job.

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