Sheriff of Aspen

Discussion in 'General' started by A_BoondockSaint, May 16, 2006.

  1. If Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.) was running for sheriff of Aspen again, would u vote for him?
  2. if HST was running for anything, anytime, i would vote for him.
  3. hell fucking yes. HST is a fucking god. i've read just about everyting he has written i wish he could have been president haha. may he rest in peace
  4. If I was wearing a black sweater and Hunter S Thompson came and told me it was pink, I'd thank him for correcting me.
  5. we all know everyone here would vote for him.
  6. Ya, im reading Kingdom of Fear right now. Huge fan of rum diary and fear and loathing in las vegas
  7. hell no, i aint votin for no freak :p

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