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  1. SHALL WE TALK ABOUT THE FELLOW ? what was so wrong with what he did...? racially profiling< whats wrong with that? in his circumstance and geographical location,,,/ his arrest ? for what ? upholding the law ?

    and his pardon by a man. that reconized that him being jailed in the first place was total bullshit<-------

    and i hope TRUMP goes further. and looks into a lot of the military convictions that took place during the OBAMA administrattion....

    the cops and the soldiers. [ but not so much on the soldiers part right now ] but they are both scared to death of pulling the trigger....the cops know. that all it would take would be just one shooting to be blown out of the water. to once again start the B.L.M. riots and civil unrest...


    what i liked about the guy was his '' tent city '' and the way he said '' if our soldiers have to live in these conditions in IRAQ... then these damn inmates have nothing to bitch about... i liked the tent cities,,



    way to go JOE... i hope your given your job back...
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  2. wtf.gif
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  3. I'm from AZ and the guy is a horrible piece of shit

    Feeds prisoners moldy balogna sandwiches, makes them hang out in tents in 120 degree heat. This includes non-violent marijuana offenders.

    Should have gone to jail for just being a huge asshole
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  4. Racially Profiling, was the Least of his CRIMES.
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  5. well if you call '' racially profiling '' a crime then what was some of his other '' crimes '' >>>>???? im very curious. and dont let '' emotion '' interfere with your answer,
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  6. Geez..R U Kidding..
    He forced inmates to live in a “tent city” where temperatures reached 135 degrees.
    This is what Arpaio is perhaps best known for, and was something that garnered praise from conservative voters, as it was a workaround to having budget-strapped correctional facilities. But the Phoenix New Times caught him proudly referring to his “tent city” as a concentration camp, and then later lying about having done so.

    He bragged about spending more to feed dogs than human inmates, and letting the inmates watch The Food Network to exacerbate their hunger.
    It’s worth noting, as this 2009 New Yorker profile by William Finnegan does, that most of the so-called “criminals” in Arpaio’s jail were awaiting trial, and had not yet been convicted.

    Prisoners in his jails died at alarming rates, with no explanation given.
    The Phoenix New Times investigated the high rate of suicide in Arpaio’s jail, and also reported on his staff’s abuse of a paraplegic, how a stay in his jail caused a woman to lose her baby, and nearly killed a young man with Crohn’s disease.

    He withheld resources for investigations of sex crimes.
    Ryan Gabrielson recalled, in this piece for ProPublica, how Arpaio’s obsession with immigration resulted in hundreds of sex crimes going uninvestigated. (Gabrielson won a Pulitzer in 2009 with his East Valley Tribune colleague Paul Giblin for their reporting on Arpaio.)

    “Is there anyone in local law enforcement who has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than Sheriff Joe?” Trump told Fox News. “He has protected people from crimes and saved lives. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

    Trump’s assertion is at odds with our reporting. In the shift to full-time immigration enforcement, Giblin and I found that the sheriff’s police work faltered across the board in its mission to protect the citizens of Maricopa County. Detectives shelved dozens of sex crime cases without investigating them. By Arpaio’s own admission, the number of uninvestigated sex crime cases eventually swelled to more than 400. Many of the victims were children.

    He arrested reporters for covering him.
    For all that money he saved by depriving human beings of food, he cost Arizona taxpayers nearly $4 million in a settlement for the Phoenix New Times.

    He staged a fake assassination attempt against himself, costing taxpayers more than $1 million.
    His need for attention appears to be truly pathological.

    He’s an inveterate liar, even about things that don’t matter.
    In that 2009 New Yorker profile, Arpaio claimed he won a popularity contest that pitched him against Pat Tillman, a hugely talented football player who left the sport at the height of his career to serve in Afghanistan, where he was killed.

    He did not win that contest.

    Arpaio seemed jealous. “The Republic did a poll last week, ‘Who’s your hero?,’ and I beat out Tillman,” he said. He meant Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals football star who joined the Army Rangers and was killed in Afghanistan. “I beat out all these guys. I’m not bragging. I’m just saying.” (The poll, published in May, actually shows Tillman as the winner and Arpaio as a runner-up.)

    He’s a well-known anti-government extremist.
    As Forbes reporter and anti-government extremism expert J.J. MacNab explained on Twitter, when Trump invited Arpaio to speak at the Republican National Convention, “he was using a bullhorn to attract a much larger and more dangerous group” than white supremacists.

    His officers burned a dog alive for no reason, then laughed as the dog’s owners cried.
    It’s impossible to highlight just one galling paragraph from this Phoenix New Times story, which includes the wholesale destruction of a home for the pursuit of a young man wanted for traffic violations.

    He paid a private investigator to go after a judge who found him guilty of racial profiling.

    He’s a fame stalker.
    Not a crime, perhaps, but hardly the behavior of a righteous badass. See, for several examples, that 2009 New Yorker profile, sprinkled throughout with instances of Arpaio worming his way toward being close to celebrities, and commanding media presence at various cruel stunts.

    And as Gabrielson notes in his ProPublica look back at Arpaio, the sheriff’s interest in illegal immigration is relatively new, and seemingly motivated by that pathological desire for attention:

    He’d been uninterested in undocumented immigrants until 2006, when he seized on rising public anger over the issue, both locally and nationally. Once Arpaio was in the battle, he was all-in. Collateral damage accumulated quickly. By 2008, numerous U.S. citizens had been wrongly arrested by Maricopa County deputies, and several filed a federal lawsuit accusing the sheriff’s office of racial profiling.

    The agency lost that case four years ago, but its remnants continue to imperil Arpaio today.
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  7. He sounds swell! A man of the Zeitgeist.
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  8. i dont know how many of you have been in jail// but it aint no sweat.. just read a book all day. and enjoy the air condition.. sort of like a un-paid vacation.

    is jail suppose to be luxiourious ? our soldiers have to go thru the same type of heat DAILY.... is a inmate subject to better treatment than our soldiers,????

    joes the man... allthough im sure some may not like his tactics... but hey thats hard core law enforcement... im sure he wished he could have went further. with his idea of how criminals should be treated,

    plus he was one of trumps buddies while he was on the campaign trail....and it's good to see trump '' repay '' a loyal officer for a wrongfull conviction..

    just give the man a nazi flag. and a new haircut....and he will be back in the club<-----------
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    Violating people rights, is Not Law Enforcement, and MOST of the people he had in there, Had NOT Been CONVICTED of ANY CRIMES.
    Someone is Full of s I-I I+
    . I spent almost 8 years in Federal Prison, for growing weed. 1000 clones. I got 10-Life,and with supervised release I did about 14 years worth. So I know of what I speak.

    Also $3,000,000 - $5,000,000 fine, which was waived.

    I also did 1 Year/State Felony for 2 x 1/8th in separate containers in 1989. They got me for trafficking, but in reality, it was 2 different kinds of weed and, I didn't want to mix them. When I went to the parole board, they had the nerve to serve me out, because of the seriousness on my crime.. I had 1/4oz all together. Ruined my life, for years.

    When I was put in jail I was put in a 10 man cell with 33 other guys, and they all smoked cigarettes but me.
    I slept on the floor in 3 different jails for 12 months before I made it to prison. Also they freeze you to death to keep infection rates down. Like in the hospital. In the long run, it saves money.

    I got to go outside 4 times in the year I was in County Jails, before I made it to the feds.

    When I made it to the Feds, there was 0000 air conditioning... Unless you are at a CAMP. Or a Max. Most Lows, and Mediums have 000 aircon.

    When I was there, the first week and old man had just come back from the hospital for 5 way bypass, and they only had him stay in the hospital 3 days, and was Handcuffed to the bed. And this was a really Skinny, Frail Old Man. When youre on meds you have to go stand in Pill Line, starting at 6AM.

    Well, it was 00, and the old man, with his little heart pillow pressed against his chest, fell out, and died because of their neglect. Right in front of all of us. Another guy told the guard he was having chest pains, and the guard told him to wait until morning. We ended up carrying the guy to the guard station, because he fell out. He lived.

    My other buddy there was taken off of his meds. Atenalol, for heart rate regulation, and after a while he went back into Tachycardia.

    I noticed he had been coughing a lot, and pacing, and not sleeping, so I went to his cube, and asked if he was ok, and could I take his pulse.

    I took it, and it was 160 beats per minute, and was clearly in distress. He went to the Drs later on, and they reinstated him on his meds.

    They ill kill you in there man. You have 000 frickin idea on how they treat you in there.

    Whn I was in there they also had a mixup on the Beef they bought from Canada.

    They ixed up the Animal Grade Beef, meant for Dog Food,a dn Fed it to us, and the good stuff, was used for dog food.

    Many of us got boils, and all kinds of stuff. I had to have 4 Tumors taken off, after I got out. 2 on my back, and 2 on my right forearm.
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  10. chicken you're not living in AZ. So don't act like you know what's going on here.

    Air conditioning? In tents in Phoenix, you get big fans only if you power them with stationary bikes. You get literally moldy balogna sandwiches. The guy who got a possession charge deserves that? To be treated like a soldier who chose to go to war?

    Not to mention Extremely racist pulling over any brown colored person he can find. I didn't know Mexicans or Americans were deemed a lower class of human to be subjugated by state gangs.

    Arpaio is a corrupt bigot. To be honest It's not shocking you'd support him.
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  11. I see a lot more pardons coming from Big Don. Must be nice, being above the law.
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  12. I'm sure the whole good ol boys club loves it and jokes amongst themselves.
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  13. the sheriff was just trying to '' make america great again '' i still dont see the problem...
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  14. Based on your opinions - I'm not surprised.
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  16. Trump stump.gif
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  18. you know thats quite a list there, however when you read back through it there is an awful lot of he said she said type of shit posted in there. He witheld resources from sex cases is the headline, but in the body talks about him putting most resources into immigration. Illegal immigration is a pretty big deal especially in arizona. hes an anti-government extremist...for using a bullhorn to get people to go to the RNC and support trump? For real? Where the hell did you get that list from? CNN, MSNBC? Just curious what the source is for all that. WAs it the combative paper that was mentioned several times?
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  19. Why did I know you would defend that poor excuse for a human being?
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