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  1. how long will seeds stay useable if stored? i ordered seeds from bcseeds just before 9/11 and of course had a big delay in delivery,i recieved them in early 2003. they were stored in a shed til recently,the shed is almost open to the elements so very cold in winter,and very hot in the summer. i have been trying to germ them for about 5 days now with no signs of hope. the seeds are northern lights and blueberry if it matters.
  2. Yea man what was that like 8 years ago? From wha i've hear 2-3 years is max for a seed to still be good
  3. From what i've read, seeds that are stored correctly should last years. 2003 was 6 years ago, how were the seeds stored? Jar? Ziplock? They could be dead if they've been exposed to the elements, but i DO know that seeds that haven't been germed in a year or so MAY take a little more time to crack open. Try the sand paper - match box trick. Put some sand paper on the inside of a match box, throw the seeds in, and shake it up a little. Should wear down the shell of the seed a little making it easier for the seed break free. Well these are things that worked for me. Good luck!
  4. I had some 2-3 year old bag seed I just sprouted. Threw them in some peat pots, put them in a dish with plastic wrap and a rubber band, and put it on my cable box. 6 of 6 sprouted in just a few days.

  5. Well I am growing 10 year old bag seed now and its doing fine. Check out my thread to see for your self, its in my sig.
  6. harsh storage man. make sure they germ warmly - 75-80f
    you can also try shaving them or buffing them with fine sandpaper. over time the shells get pretty hard and waterproof. lotta peeps have success with buffing.
  7. The heat in the summer probably did them in. In order to store them for long periods of time, your best bet is to keep them cool and dry. You might try scuffing them and soaking them before you try to germ them, but it would be surprising if you got more than a couple to pop if any.
  8. Seeds can last a loooooooong time. 10 years easily and definetly longer. I've got seeds from the 90's that still germinate- no shit.

    Once a seed bank (Pretty sure Nirvana) had found a bag of skunk #1 in a safe or some shit- suppose to been 15 year old seeds. Anyway they gave everyone 10 free with each order. About 5 of mine grew definetly wasn't 100% germination :smoking:
  9. day 7 still no signs of life,going to try buffing. they were stored in the bubble wrap\brown paper envelope they came in.

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