Shelter Logic greenhouse 6'x8'x6.5'

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  1. Here's a few pics of my New shelter logic greenhouse.
    Im disappointed. The fabric looks nothing like the picture on the box.
    The logo is all beat up and peeling.

    Guess ill line the inside with more pvc plastic sheeting so you cant see into the greenhouse.
    Hopefully an ozone generator will take care of the smell

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  2. First attempt in scroggin.
    I snapped the top by accident so i ripped the whole top off.
    Added 1m plastic drop cloth to the front/back. You cant make out whats inside.
    Still waiting on the ozone generator to arrive

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  3. That's quite a bit of difference between the box pic and reality. Plant's are looking good though!! I'm gonna stay tuned if your gonna do a journal. Good luck.
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    i wish you the best of luck & dont want to be rude, but your going to run into problems with space. those plants are going to get HUGE eventually, too big for the house. if you plan on puttin that outside i would only SCROG one plant. and ide make the screen almost as big as the house.

    those houses are great for propogating & starting seedlings, though.
  5. If you bought a flower forcing tarp, you could control how big or small they get. Extra work though.

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