Sheldon Black Ash Catcher

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  1. What do you think about this ash catcher?

    What do you think it would be worth?

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  2. a milli a milli a milli
  3. no more than 100 dollars, i personally would feel 50-75 is fair but sb is quality
  4. they are probably upwards of $150.

    i have a homie with multiple sheldon black pieces, bongs and bubblers, and they are solid, quality pieces, ive thought of buying one myself.

    i havn't tried a sb a/c yet, but if the quality is anything like the bongs and bubblers you wont be disappointed.
  5. 65 at my local headshop

  6. Their cheaper tubes can be had for around $150, much less an a/c like that.
  7. I own that exact one actually. Bought it for $70 at my LHS.
  8. same.. its pretty sick but i get a lot of splashback cuz the thing stacks :[
  9. those go for 70-100 dont pay more than 100 for one
  10. I don't get splashback at all and I have a pretty large tube. Just pull the ac too when you clear it. It's especially nice when I put it on my Name Brand mouth piece attachment.
  11. i got mine for $60 at my lhs......i put a gmd showerhead in it and it stacked hard! never had any drag or splash back....i used it on my 18" beaker and it felt a lil small for a taller tube, so i sold it to a buddy! it looks and functions a lot better on his 12" tube! i still loved that a/c tho ;) its a great buy for the price and is thick as hell:D a quality piece
  12. $75 at my LHS
  13. I think its a great ash catcher because of the removable downstem, that will make it so much easer to clean and if i know one thing its that ash catchers get very dirty. What its worth, probably $50 - $100, what it will cost $100 - $200 probably.
  14. your wrong they dont sell for more than 80 at you lhs and if you are going to pay over 100 for it go on ioffer some guy selling them for 100
  15. My bad, then i think its a good deal if its in the $50-$100 range!

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