Sheldon Adelson purchases biggest newspaper in Nevada, uses purchase to oppose NV legalization initiative

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  1. Hey everyone, just thought I'd share this. Billionaire casino owner and staunch opponent to marijuana legalization Sheldon Adelson recently purchased the Las Vegas Review Journal, which is the largest newspaper in the state of Nevada. Now this newspaper has endorsed and advocated for legalization since at least 2002 but now that they're owned by Adelson, he's pressuring them to either reverse their stance on marijuana legalization or remain silent regarding this November's legalization initiative in the state. He even made the paper's editorial board visit one of the drug rehab facilities that he and his wife own to show them the "devastating effects of marijuana use" even though most people in rehab for marijuana are there because it was ordered by the court to avoid jail time. If you can remember, Adelson contributed 5.5 million dollars to Florida's opposition campaign when MMJ was on the ballot in 2014, and he said that he plans on fighting against legalization in future elections. Looks like he's already starting in his home state of Nevada, hopefully public opinion will be able to defeat any of his opposition efforts.

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  2. He did a hell of a job scaring florida. Jackass does not even live here.

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  3. I used to live in Vegas. While the LVRJ may be the biggest paper in the state, that's not actually saying a whole lot. Still, it's a rich man's mouthpiece. Honestly, I think it was a waste of his money.
  4. Fortunately for him we will never cross paths. Fucked us over in Florida. The only reason it's not happening again in Florida is because his home state is getting fucked by his money, sorry Nevada but he is your problem this time.
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