Sheesha Question?

Discussion in 'General' started by aec, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hey last night was my first time smoking out of a hookah it was a two person and I loved it! First we started out smoking my bong and then this kid packed the hookah with grape sheesha and I ground up some weed and we mixed it in. The smoke tasted so good and it was just so nice and relaxing.

    So I've heard that sheesha isn't asbad for you as cigarettes or as addictive because cigarettes have tons of stuff added to them. So is this true?? Just wondering.
  2. Shisha is mostly honey and other things to make it taste good. Where as cigs are pretty much straight tobacco. Thats why its better for you.
  3. It is true. Shisha is the the cleanest burning tobacco. I've read about it numerous times. I didn't save the link but I'm trying to find one that will give the real deal on shisha.
  4. ive been wondering, where does one acquire shisha?
  5. I usually buy mine at down in the valley. Some tobacco stores have it. Basically anywhere that sells hookah's will have it. It runs about $2-6 per can.

  6. Actually the tobacco barely burns, what makes the smoke is vaporized molasses and honey. If you take a look at the "cashed" hookah bowl, the tobacco is still pretty intact, its still solid, just black, unlike cigarette ash which isnt solid and is white. The blackness shows that all the tar and plant material hasnt burned off, so there is less tar and carcinogens in the smoke.
    Also, you're not burning the tobacco like you would with a flame from a lighter or something, the coal on top causes indirect heat, which, while burning a little, mostly vaporizes the sweet molasses.
    I'd say the tobacco is more of just a support for holding the molasses.
  7. how much is in a can and does anyone smoke sheesha mixed in a bowl or a joint?

  8. I've smoked shisha out of a pipe and it was disgusting, I wouldnt even try it in a joint.
    Shisha usually comes in 50 or 250 gram boxes. A 50g box should cost no more than 3 or 4 dollars, 250 is usually 7 to 10 dollars.
    Also dont buy american tobacco, check the labels to see where it comes from, american grown tobacco, in my experience, isnt nearly as good as egyptian or syrian tobacco.
  9. Shisha won't go well in a joint or bowl. I have two hookahs actually McPuff (green and gold) and Blue Balls (blue and silver)
  10. I dont know how much is in it but a can is about the size of a pop can except only about 2/3rds the height. You couldnt put it in a bowl or J because you arent supposed to put direct heat on it.
  11. yeah that shit would wreck you in a pipe. that would suck.
    hookahs are the shit.
  12. I think I want to get one cause I just love smoking it's fun and relaxing.
  13. wow I was just about to make a thread about this.

    the guy who works in a store beside me (stoner like me. hehe.) started talking about this shisha and a hookah. im gonna try some out soon.
  14. sheesha is some dank ass tobbacco

  15. lol
  16. mmhmm... Fabulous elaboration Lebowski! :smoke: Shisha is so wet. That's why you use charcoal to burn it. You can't hit that shit with a lighter. You can't put it in a joint or anything like that. The hookah is designed as such for a precise reason. :)

    You can get shisha online anywhere. Black grape is my favorite flavor. (golden al fakher is da bomb)

    Here's a good hookah 101:
  17. yea you dont really smoke shisa, the coals supposed to sit above it so you basically vaporize it
  18. today was actually my first time smoking sheesha, it was out of this tighg ass glass hooka with 3 hoses, my friend burned the sheesha with a ligter and it worked perfectly i think it was cherry flavored i dont remember.but now i think its alot better than cigs, and maybe blacks, atleast alot healthier

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