Shed As Grow Room?

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  1. I'm thinking about converting my shed into a mini grow house. Any suggestions on how I should go about this?

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  2. Depends on your shed.
    If it's a smaller (8x8) all-metal shed then you will have serious heat problems when it starts baking in the hot summer sun and become freezing in the winter. There's simply no insulation or temperature buffer between your enclosed environment and the outside world.
    My own modest grow cab is located within my shed, but my shed is like it's own little house. It's about 12x20, has shingles, roof vents, fully built wall studs, and insulated walls/ceilings. Hell, it's even got it's own dedicated electrical box. However, the temperature still swings in dramatic weather, as I have to supplement a good growing environment with window A/C in the summer and a small space heater in the winter.
    The little metal sheds do nothing but amplify the outside weather. If it's cold outside it might be colder in the shed, and when it's hot outside it will definitely be hotter in the shed. At that point, you'd be better growing outside in the sunshine.
    Sheds can be difficult to grow in, but not as difficult as attics or unheated garages. You would have to insulate it a lot somehow.
    But if you're gonna go through with it, you want to do some reading on ventilation setup and figure out how/where you will be cutting holes in the shed for intake/exhaust ports. Figure out how powerful of a light/s you can fit. Decide if you want perpetual setup (2 separate rooms; 1 veg 1 flower) for constant buds, or a seasonal/one-off setup (1 room for both veg and flower) for less work and trouble but have less consistent buds.
    Obviously there are tons of variables, so do some reading on the stickies here, and my advice would be to figure out your ventilation/light setup first and go from there. Good luck!
  3. The shed is like a 16x8 insulated wooden shed.
  4. Nice. That's a good size. You could easily do a 2-room perpetual setup with room to spare.
    So you just need to figure out what size of lights/ventilation you want, and decide where to cut appropriate holes in your shed for intake/exhaust. Intake port should be low to the ground (for cool fresh air), and exhaust port should be as high as possible (hot air rises). And I highly advise putting some sort of filter cover (like screen mesh) over these to keep most insects and stray pollen out of your environment.
    You will also have quite a job in figuring out your electrical. Depending on how much power/wattage you're planning on (multiple lights and ballasts and fans), extension cords from your house just won't cut it; you might need a dedicated power source. Don't know much about electrical myself, so hopefully you know someone, or can ask questions here on GC. There are a few pro electricians on the boards.
  5. The safest place would be converting your walk in bedroom closet. You could sleep tight at night. Good luck with your shed grow! Take pics and keep us posted!
  6. Yeah my main concern is electric um thinking 2 600w hps in a grow tent in the back? Use inline fan hook up a intake and exhaust? Or does that sound stupid?

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  7. Sounds good. Run the intake low or draw for under where you can get the coolest air and you will be golden

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