She went from female to male

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dre1136, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Right now I'm angry... It seems like everybody else is out here budding like crazy and I've got a plant I've been growing since may that may have turned male on me.... I really am worried guys because she was just recently planted in the ground and she really started to tower and then I saw what I thought was buds turn out to be seed pods.

    What the hell happened guys, how does she just switch on ME like that???

    This is my main virgin here and I don't want her to get preggo, because she is about 20 feet from her tranny sister/brother... Do y'all think she might switch up also?
  2. could be a hermie
  3. Yup, sounds like my last hermie. I hate hermies. They bud up all nice and give you this beautiful potent flower. Then the seeds come and jack it all up and the smoke comes out wack full of seeds but still smokes alright. The seeds do take potency away however.
  4. If is only male flowers it cant be hermie.
    But if have female and male flowers its hermie for sure.

    By what you was sure its female plant ?
    Clone ?
    Fem seed ?
  5. yeah sorry guys it just a bagseed grow, but all the indications were there for it to be a had the pistils coming in at the internodes. I planted all of my plants at the same time so they all showed thier sex around the same time and I had a male that showed balls.

    So should I cut him/her down because if she pollinates my female, it will be a wasted summer... as a matter of fact it wouldn't even be a summer it'd be a bummer!
  6. if you wont seeded plant remove him

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