She wanted the tattoo

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  1. Something tells me it'll be her last tattoo ever...

    Jeez, what a whiny little bitch.
  2. haha yea terrible ... thiis is for all girls that want to do tatto :)) watch before you do it :)
  3. omg lmao, BRUTAL. I would've snapped
  4. thats funny as hell! ive never gotten a tatoo but ive broken my tail bone and im sure theres gotta be some similarities there lol.
  5. Haha oh man i would've snapped! I have tattoos on both shoulders and they didn't really hurt that bad at all.

    You should throw up some pics of some of your work if you get the time
  6. It could have been a minute long orgasm... O.O
  7. OMG! you handled it pretty well tho, i wouldve stuffed her mouth with vaseline or something, LMAO!
  8. Wasnt this video on Break....
  9. ^^saw it there too.
  10. man if you played this for a blind person what do you think they would imagine was going on in the video?
    probably just think the vibrator was WAYY too thick
  11. what the hell is wrong with her? It doesn't hurt that much!
    (It reminds me of the old humidifiers that I used to play with and stick my fingers in as a kid.)
    I am a girl. I have a tat on my breastbone, a tat on my leg by my shin, and two large tats on my back, one over my shoulder blades/spine and one on my lower back with parts that curl over my hips and butt. I sat for like 4 hours for one of them, and I never screamed or whined at all. I certainly didn't make myself look like a fool.
    Kudos to you for not smacking her and making her leave.
  12. How the HELL did that guy keep a straight face through that shit?

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