she told me i wasted my money on my bong

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  1. ok ive been an enthusiast of marijuana for quite some time here, and recently, after years of dreaming i had one... i purchased my first bong. i paid 120 for it. someone told me however that my bong was made very poorly, becdause of the angle of the downstem. she told me i wasted my money because my downstem was angled at about 45 degrees out of the well, when she said prefereably the downstem is as vertical as possible, like an 80 degree angle.

    all im saying is when i pick it up to smoke it, the downstem becomes completely vertical... and what's the big deal about the angle of the downstem? i have two percolators and an ice catcher anyways.

    i dont think i bought a "poorly made bong" because "my downstem is at a fucked up angle".
    does this girl know what she is talking about?

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  2. I can't really answer your question specifically, but common sense would tell me if you have no issues smoking out of the thing, who gives a fuck what angle your downstem is at? From the picture included in your post, looks like a decent bong to me. Would you happen to know who made it?
  3. i have no idea, i bought it from my fav club... didn't wanna goto a head shop, wanted to shop local. plus this looked better than any of the ones at the headshops in my area.

    thank you, i mean it is smoking great i dont know why she needed to huff up her ego so bad and put down my new purchase.
  4. apparently that girl doesn't know shit lol it doesn't matter at all about the angle. if anything, it does help for the downstem to reach the bottom of the beaker but if it doesn't it's not a big deal. great buy for 120. enjoy it.
  5. sounds like she had no idea from the explanation.... really all that matters is how the hole(s) of the downstem is(are) covered by water but that looks like a standard bong, however some consider it a bubbler if the downstem is straight down into the tube rather than at an angle like yours so maybe she was talking bout that:confused:

  6. the downstem DOES reach the bottom of the bowl, thank you for reassuring me of my purchase guys i was really bummed when ms. attitude told me otherwise!

    time to spark this bong up! :smoke:
  7. Dude that bong is awesome. Tell her she is dumb.
  8. Looks like a killer bong to me. Especially for 120
  9. :bongin: LOL my bong downtube only goes down 1/2 way before it hits the side and mine is fine. I like that bong it's sick!! only way to smoke
  10. Hell yeah dude that bong is badass

    Great purchase for $120...

    That bitch has no idea what she is talkin about...

    Next time she complains be like, "Well you dont have to smoke"

    And then pull out some crazy dank and be like, "No you can't smoke... my bong sucks remeber???"

    Then milk it, clear it, and blow all that smoke in her face and then say, "Yeah... you're right.... This bong SUCKS"

    Smoke a bowl for me man!!!! :smoking: and good purchase.

  11. /thread lol:p
  12. Nice looking bong man
    get really high with it. Then call her a bitch
  13. That bong is more than okay. Have fun.
  14. I'd pay 120 for that. Sick bong, fuck that bitch
  15. That girl knows as much about bongs as the gum on the bottom of your shoe, just keep that in mind next time you see her. You can't judge how poorly a bong is made by the angle of the joint unless its like 170 degrees or something wierd.
  16. If anything, the joint angle seems to be too horizontal for my liking. I guess that could be semantics, and you could be starting from a different point, so we might be saying the same thing, but...

    I like my bong joints as angled up a possible, because I feel like it keeps the weed from spilling out of the bowl, and also requires less water to fill. That might have been what she meant.

    That is a sweet fucking bong for 120. Anyone who criticizes that should have to buy me one.
  17. Fuck that bitch :mad:
  18. you have to get the right sized rubber piece and it will make the downstem stick. I only got the right size on mine because my friend is a car electrician. but yeah you can definitely fix it if you want to.
  19. hahaha
  20. looks like a good bong to me. i dont know what she is meaning by this 45 degree or 80 degree talk, either way seems fine to me lol personally i think i like the 45 more than the 80 now that i think about it....

    good buy :smoke: enjoy, toke 1!

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