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She shut me up real quick!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xfade49, May 16, 2010.

  1. Well i recently got off a long 2 month T break ,
    due to job and occasional t-break
    And i smoke and its all good most of the time well
    ALL OF THE TIME but, to other people maybe not
    When i smoke alot or to much or for some reason
    I go into this phase where i talk to no one and have alot of thinking about nothing
    i call it being "coma toasted"
    but i wanted to see what you guys think on how i can prevent this,
    end it? idk it kind of gets annoying when everyone ask you
    whats wrong? and you barely can talk after that its like something makes you quite.
  2. Smoke a little less next time, get used to being productive while high, practice makes perfect.

  3. If I get superhigh I'll zone and I'll think I'm sorta vapor locked but then a second later I'll get into a conversation and find that my brain is working fine. For me the buzz is what it is at the moment but it can be changed. I think you just get distracted by what's in your head, so put something different in your head. If you do zone and someone asks you what's up, just crack a joke or just smile and say "it's cool." Everyone who gets high understands that zone.

    Coma toasted is a killer description :)
  4. I talk to my self all the time when Im high, Helps you think and explore your mind, Dont fight it. In that state, you can explore every possible theory.

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