She offered me the car, What was I supposed to do?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blocko, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. so about 20 mins ago my buddy calls me up and says he has a blunt and it's ripe for smoking. So I head downstairs and go to grab my keys but lo and behold my bitch sister stole them and took off with my car. So naturally I'm pissed, and then proceed to walk upstairs cursing up a blue streak. My mom notices this commotion and asks what my problem is. I explain how her botch daughter stole my car and I'm now on my way to report it stolen to the cops and hopefully she'll be locked up.

    My mom says "what's the big deal? take mine." I almost blew a lod in my pants right there. My mom's car is a 2001 BMW X-5. And she had no idea what I was about to do to it. so i took the keys, and headed for my buddies place. he took one look at me driving it and we both knew what we had to do. so he got his dealer on msn and told him we wanted another 20 sack.bringing our grand total to 5 grams 15 mins later, we had 2 blunts a joint, and packed chillum, and countless bowls just waiting to be smoked in a fine peice of german engineering.

    I drove it to the backalleys of some random subdivision, and we hotboxed that car so bad that we couldn't see eachother (me in drivers side and him in passengers)

    It felt so good, that thing is a dream to drive, and it's so god damn fast and nimble for an SUV. I couldn't be happier right now. I'm so fucking blazed.

    This marks the nicest car I've ever hotboxed.
  2. Niiiiice move dude. That's fucking awesome. Yeah, the car I'm driving right now is a Lexus SUV I'm borrowing. Unfortunately I haven't been able to smoke NEARLY that much weed in it.
  3. Word, I have boxed my step moms 2003 Saab 9-3 and my dads '03 Audi a4. You just kinda melt into the comfortable ass seats....its great.
  4. We smoked up a fat blunt in my buddies moms Acura MDX the other night. Heated leather seats plus a blunt is one of the better feelings in life.
  5. i like high rides, mmm high rides. i dont care what kind of car they all hotbox the same to me
  6. This may sound stupid but aren't you all the least bit worried that the after smell might be a bit noticeable?
  7. no, I checked it when I drove home a few hours ago. There was no smell at all.
  8. hell you better thank your sister for stealing your car :p
  9. Fuck that, she's still going to catch hell from me for stealing it. Baking out the X-5 is just a bonus :D
  10. Haha, that's awesome man. The finer the car, the finer the fishbowl.

  11. The beauty of leather interior

    Before my friends and i had licenses, my friends parents left for a week (i had a private party in my pants when i heard that) and they happend to leave the rides. #1 a brand new BMW 745il. #2 Speedy Acura somethingorother. #3 Volvo convertable. But the BMW Ho-ly fuck. We smoked a half 8th blunt (ya know to smoke before we smoke. an appetizer if you will) and took that BMW for a spin. Another private party. We went 125 mph down the road before we touched the brake. 140mph through the college. *blunt* *blunt* *blunt* 160 mph down the freeway. 165 mph to baskin robbins.

    That was one of the best weeks of my life.

    edit: sorry ONE of us had a license. but he was 18 hence arrestible so it was none the less stupid.
  12. high rides are the best...

  13. 745's have a top speed of 149 mph.
  14. maybe he went 65 mph in his dodge neon
  15. either it was something else or the speedo said 165
  16. Or, in true story-telling fashion, you exhaggerated : - P
  17. the fuckin speedo read 165 :D fuck you if you dont believe me
  18. It could be kph, since it's a German car.
    165kph = 102.53mph
  19. while 745 is more of a luxury sport vehicle instead of a sport luxury vehicle, it couldnt have been a 745. Now the speedo may read 165, but every speedometer is off somewhat, gps mph is the way to prove anything(not that I dont believe you). Ask your friend what it is.

    As for smoking in expensive ass cars, my uncle had a Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG that was absolutely amazing, even more so stoned. Picture

    and I've also hotboxed a friends BMW M5 with two 2gram blunts. Fucking car reeked of weed for like 3 days.
  20. Sounds dumb to me. On the chance that the smell would've stayed in. And you drove your mom's expensive car while high. I wouldn't have done the same in that situation, but whatever.

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