She looks horriable, any thoughts or cures are needed please

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  1. Pictures are attatched...idk how to post them on the thread, it wasn't working for me
    5 26W CFL's
    Soil is FoxFarm W/guano
    1 plant in a gallon pot with drainage

    Ok, so I started growing a little over a month, first two weeks she looked beautiful and now 3 weeks later she looks like death. I water her when needed, whenever the soil drys and I had left for a weekend and let my girl water her for the weekend with (FOXFARM) nuts and water, I came back and she screwed something up. It looked underwatered and I began to water it with water only and no nuts. She now looks like the pics. Any help would be amazing. She's been looking like this for about 2 weeks. With some yellowing on a few leaves. I also know my tap water is ok because its been grown with before and I leave the water out to get the chlorine and junk out also.

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  2. Do you know what the concentrations were when your girlfriend watered/fed it? Some of the tips of the fan leaves are curling in, that can be an indication that it was burned.
  3. I would say that you have a wee bit too much nitrogen in your feeding. Cut back on whatever portion of the FF nutes that provide it. Too much nitrogen in early stages of vegitave growth can result in weaker yields during flowering. Flush well with ph-adjusted water and start your feeding schedule over again. Since you're using CFL's, your best bet is to err on the conservative side of nutrient strength.
  4. Well for the first question, I think she drowned it accidently for 3 days, like watered it each day alot each time and I stop giving it nuts about a week ago. And water has been left out for a few days before watering it, never had a problem with the ph in my tap water.

    So how should I flush it, just keep watering when neccessary, no more or less??
  5. and when you meant burnt did you me chemical/nut burn or cfl burn
  6. I meant light burn, scuba. Looks like it got a little close to the CFL's. It's no big deal....looks like you're on the right track. Keep doing what you're doing. Just take it easy on the chow, keep the lights about 3-4 in. away, water every couple of days and we'll get to enjoy some great bud shots later on. Always's a weed, it's built for punishment.

    Good Luck!!
  7. thanks man, I'll cross the fingers, today she justs looks sick, all droopy and yellowing at tips and sides a little. I was on a 24 cycl but not im going to an 18/6 light cycle and see if that helps...thanks again.

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