*she* lol is bushing good!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HappyTimeToker, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. got my new lights and i pruned her to keep her down a little bit, i think shes lookin good im gonna flower her next week starting monday

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  2. Looking good man! You only got one plant?
  3. tall view

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  4. view from underneath (never seen one on here so i thought id be kinda original lol)

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  5. yea only 1 plant right now, germinating as we type tho so i will have more soon! How you guys think shes comin along?
  6. Looking good man! Did it show sex yet (preflowers)? Hope it turns out female for ya...

    I'd try to give it a bit more space though, or at least prepare for moving it soon. It's not going to stop growing for a while.
  7. nope no sex yet im gonna put it on 12/12 next monday
  8. you should take a few clones,root them and then stick one under a fouro for 12/12 and on in veg so you can have on for later if this turns out female and just keep the onther clone in veg until that one finishes flower...

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