She literally died in my girlfriend's arms...

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  1. So yesterday started out like any normal day for me. I had slept over at my girlfriend's house and after a day of doing virtually nothing besides getting high, watching TV and doing a little shopping downtown... we had plans to go to a private fashion show that she had been invited to. We (me, GF, and her Jack Russell Lulu who goes everywhere with her) went to her mom's home to get ready. After getting dressed we fed her Lulu and began heading out of the door.

    My GF walked out first, and as I was heading out she turned around and wanted to have one more look at me before I closed the door (she was a special guest as her mother is friends with the designer, so I had to meet her strict appearance requirements lol). While she was reaching up fixing my tie, Lulu bolted between my legs and out of the door....she looked like a bullet as she ran all the way down the driveway and right into the street.

    As luck would have it, a black H3 was zooming down the street at that same time. Lulu managed to get her back legs run over by the back tire of the Hummer. I sprinted to the street to try to pick her up (she was squealing louder than I've ever heard before) and she bit me so hard that I could feel her teeth touching the bones in my hand. After prying her off of my hand my GF covered her with a towel and picked her up.

    While we were frantically searching for her keys in their lawn (she dropped them when she ran to the street) she was holding Lulu in the towel. The squealing stopped and when I pulled the towel off of Lulu's face......her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and had turned blue. Her lips were white, and her eyes were wide open and glazed over. My GF nearly dropped her at the sight of this. She convinced herself that Lulu was merely in shock, and would be ok.....her mother and I looked at each other. We knew this wasn't the case.

    When we got to the vet's emergency room they knew she was dead right away. My girl lost the strength in her legs and fell. It was horrible. I have never been in the situation where you have to console someone who's lost someone they love.

    I guess I typed all of this out because I needed to vent. So thanks for reading. And I have a I get her a new puppy? Is that inappropriate? She had this dog for 6 years ever since she was an 8 week old pup. Is it too soon to get her a new dog? Is it ever the right time? Any advice would be great. Thanks guys.

    Sorry the story was so long.
  2. Wait until shes comfortable with getting a new dog, but say you want to help pick it out and name it (pay for it).

    I couldn't imagine how bad your ears hurt when she was yelping... and she bit you. Shits fucked.
  3. wayyyy to soon. my dog died almost two years ago and I still don't want a new one.
  4. That hurts. Not only did she lose a treasured friend, but in a horrific and traumatizing way. I pretty much lost it when my dog of 14 years died and that was naturally! My heart goes out to you and your GF.

    Basing off when I lost my dog, I'd say hold off on getting a new dog. When my dog died, my parents got me a new dog two months after and I couldn't handle it because it was too painful. But then about... I think about a year later, I went to the pound and bonded naturally with a dog. Let her try and decide when is the right time, don't push anything for sure. Maybe transition to a cat if she likes both kinds of pets because a cat won't remind her of her dog but she'll still have something that will be a companion.
  5. Damn, my condolences to you and your girl. Loosing a dog is never easy especially when its not a natural death. I know having my dogs pass away have been some of the saddest days of my life. I didn't want a dog right away after my dogs died, it took me around 3 months to be ready again. Your girlfriend could be different but I definitely wouldnt get her another one without talking to her about it first. Mabye do something like make a little photobook out of pictures with lulu and your girlfriend in it or something like that. G'luck with the situation man.
  6. The best thing i would do, is talk to her, ask her if she wants some time alone, and tell her that if she needs anything your there for her.
    Just try to support her the best you can.
    And a new dog is a no no.
    Id wait a good while before even bringing another pet into the equation.
  7. She was feeling pain deeper than she ever had before, she had no idea what she was doing. I don't blame her, ya know?

    Thanks, I never thought about this. I appreciate the good vibes, and good suggestion.

    Wonderful idea. I'll definitely have something like this made for her.

    I've definitely made it clear that I'm here for her no matter what.

    Thanks for all of the condolences guys. It means a lot. :(
  8. So sorry for the loss of a valued friend.

    My thoughts are going out to you and your girl.
  9. Thanks so much. That means more than you know.
  10. its just a dog
    get over it

  11. ....probably not appreciated:(
  12. damn that's horrible. give her some time. don't get a new puppy just yet.

    i used to think like that until i actually got a dog myself. now it's one of my fucking best friends in the world. some people actually value their pets, you know?

  13. i've had dogs, i have a dog

    but they are just animals they are not people
  14. Some people have stronger bonds with animals than other people. Just because you dont and cant comprehend that doesnt mean you gotta be a dick.
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    i can say what ever the fuck i want... oh and that pm was so badass

    I'm Here to Tell You I Don't Think You Can Say What Ever The Fuck You Want...Show Some Respect or I'll Show You The Backdoor!!! **unoit**
  16. Im not trying to stop you from expressing your opinion. Im saying your opinion makes you seem like a dick.

  17. im not denying im a dick man, im a total douche
    i just cant help it :confused_2:

  18. mabye you should work on that
  19. Man,I'm so sorry for you and your gf and her family.

    Losing an animal,to me,is the worst thing in the world.It upsets me more than a human dying.The last pet I lost(which was a dog named Mr.Bojangles or Bobo for short)was half rotweiler,half chocolate lab.He was a beast.He was only 10,he died December 9th of last year.I dread these days so much,but it's always in the back of your head that the day will come eventually.

    But anyways,Christmas eve,my mom was at wal mart and they had puppies out front and although she felt really guilty,something told her to take one of them.It was a little weird and felt almost disrespectful at first,but we took in another animal,which who knows where he would have ended up if we hadn't and he is SUCH a great dog and I love him to death too.But at the same time I will never forget any of my animals who have passed on to the next life.

    Ok i'll end my rant here by saying sorry once again for your loss.
  20. Dogs are for suckers. They die after 10 years. Get her a mini-horse. Like a boss.

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