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she just threw me away like trash

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by baurman, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. It seems like whenever I'm not stoned, I feel so emotional and sad but once I get stoned it feels like I'm happy she's outta my life. My relationship pretty much went down hill because she was more interested in pursuing her career and she wants to be "independent" and literally told me she can't ever see herself being in a relationship any time soon. Then she started treating me bad and fighting with me because I asked her if she was finished with work and she responds "IS that all you f'ing care about?!?" Wow, I get yelled at for being eager to see my GF after work.
    I realize that she's such a bad person now, I am shocked that I am even sad about everything. After she told me that she only cares about herself and about her success and how she feels. We've been broken up for a month now, didn't contact her for a few weeks, then she contacted me only because she wanted sex again, then she said it was a mistake because my feelings got involved and I wouldn't leave her alone.
    That's when she said all the hurtful things to me about how she wants to be left alone and enjoy the single life and not be committed to anyone. Who would want to be with a girl like that? It seems like her cowardly way out of this relationship was to fight me, treat me like crap so I would be the one to tell her to go away. So I don't know why I feel so sad. It sucks because I have no friends to hang out with, but I keep myself busy throughout the day... It's just the nights are depressing. But once I smoke a bowl I feel like I am better but this feeling is only temporary as when I get sober again I feel the emotional pain. Damn... I've been pretty much stoned all day long for the past few days already, don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing..
  2. Damn that sucks man, but think about it, why are you really upset... This girl didn't care about you and was selfish and basically treated you like shit and now you are sad that it is over? It's hard to forget but just smoke alot and go out and meet new girls to keep your mind off the bullshit.
  3. you should go out to a bar and get drunk and hit on a super model. problem resolved
  4. yeah man.. thats whats confusing me. she treats me like shit but i still feel sad that she's gone. maybe it's because I was just too used to her? but still even after a month I thought I would've moved on by now but I haven't.

    yea i went out on wednesday got drunk but the next morning it was hell! felt like crap... thats why i always tell myself i'd rather just get stoned all day then drink as much as I am tempted to take a few shots, i think about the next morning ill feel bad.
  5. you shouldn't use drugs as a crutch to deal with your problems, thats why addiction is so prevalent.

    i feel where you are coming from man. coming out of a relationship that meant a lot to you is hard but you gotta know it will get better you just have to be patient.

    and stop having sex with her, it doesn't mean to her what it means to you and in the end its only going to make things worse for you i promise
  6. i'm really sorry man :( i've been in a similar situation. just smoke the weed until you feel like you don't wanna be high anymore, if smoking weed helps. don't be a crackhead about smoking it..
    just be happy you're done with her. if she wants your sex, and you feel like you need her, then that's how it should be. but if you see her and have sex with her, it'll prolong your suffering. if she's obsessed with her career, then let her masturbate to that. don't worry about her, man. if she contacts you then be a stone-cold dog and bark at her.
  7. hmm I can relate. I also have no friends to hang out with and when my gf broke up with me i was pretty devastated even though I didn't even like her as much as I felt like I did. It was just that suddenly my whole life changed from going out and hanging out with a girl all the time to sitting at hoem by myself all day.

    I try not to use any drug to deal with an issue. since the breakup i've tried to stay positive and work on myself.

    like working out, spending more time focusing on my studying for my lsat and just basically improving myself.
  8. I can see where she's coming from, as well as your side of the story, but I sense that she's just lost interest in you. Women whom are power-driven, demand that of their partners too, and maybe you're not as goal-orientated as she is (or whatever the situation could be), ..ugh just let her do her own thing, man.

    But do keep in mind that if she comes back to you, she's only doing it because she knows she's got you wrapped around her finger - just politely tell her to go choke on a dick that isn't yours.. :)

    You'll get over her in no time, just keep your distance.
  9. girls are like buses, wait 15 minutes and another one is coming.
  10. I would've taken all of her clothes off at her place, gotten her really horny with some foreplay, get in a bj, then put your pants back on and say something like "On second thought, I don't have sex with bitches." then walk out.
  11. sucks bruh, but fuck it there r a lot of breezys out there man. sound like shes a bitch dawg, man up and get over it. just remember that she was a bitch and that ur better without her anyways.:smoke:
  12. Bitches. I'm going through it to, most have. It's hard not to get sucked into all the bullshit when in reality a person who doesn't care about you is not a person you should care about.

  13. listen to this dude, he knows what he's talking about

    i've been though a lot of the same shit a decent amount of times. i still miss my ex and its been over 6 months. she did the same thing and kept calling me for sex, but i had to stop that after a few weeks, even though i wanted it i knew i was just hurting myself in the long run. everytime i'm around her i get really happy, then it just hurts like we just broke up again the next day. so i have to force myself to stay away.

    time heals all
  14. thanks man :D

    and exactly man, you just gotta put some distance between the two of you (i put an ocean between us haha) and thinks will get better. you gotta work on you now, reflect on the relationship, things you liked and things you hated. its easy now to think of all the things you liked but you gotta thing really hard about all the things you didn't. focus on all the things you didn't like and what you feel like went wrong and make conscious strides to avoid those things in the future.

    we haven't heard anything back from you man. i hope you're not still fucking her ;)

    time heals all just give it some time man things will be alright. give us an update damnit
  15. Sounds like you fell for a bitch and then stopped hanging out with all of your friends. Big mistake. There's a reason the saying "bros before hoes" is popular.
  16. There will always be more pussy in the litterbox, bro. There are all kinds of people out there right now just like you, going through a hard break-up. It could have been worse though man, Imagine if you caught her cheating? Or if she got so pissed she threw that in your face. Always look on the brightside, things will turn for the better in no time. Just gottta keep on moving along. And time really does heal all.
  17. I've been in your shoes, 2.5 year relationship ended abrubptly.. I felt like I was thrown away too. I still miss him but it truly does get better each day. When I'm feeling sad I smoke the ganja too. Just think of it this way, you'll move on and be happy. She will "move on" and when it all catches up to her she's going to regret it. You have nothing to regret, you tried and that is what counts. She has to deal with the regret and not you. It took my ex like a year to regret it, but he did. And as horrible as it may sound it made me feel better. You can't find a better lady til you're truly open to it, so cut it off and find your upgrade :)
  18. Everyone says that no contact is the best to allow me to heal and so that's what I'm doing. I realized that she fell out of love with me while she was with me and just used me as a security blanket and when I finally realized that she wanted to be single, everything was all fine for her. I had thought I was over her until we contacted each other last week and that was a big mistake so now I am for sure going to stick with no contact because my goal is to not even show the slightest bit of care if she told me she's fucking another guy. because if I cared then that must mean I still have feelings for her.

  19. You're on the right track, now just try to stand your ground!:smoke:

    Memorize the next to last line in my sig, "NEVER make a lover a priority, when you are only an option".

    Been a "security blanket" too often, hell I'm doing it now:(:smoke:

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