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she has the time!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the rainman!, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. i wait and hold her back she wants to flower but i wont let her she looks at me as to say why tazz ,she set their under 400mh i say nothing i well know whens its time to let her go ,how i now i am not shure but its a gut thing !she in veg at16 inches each day she looks at me and ask the same thing i say nothing she is a tri-whorled phyllotaxy hermie revert clone, at lest i know now what her real name is ! cool and waiting seats the pollen of her mate ,g13xbw i wait ! next week i tell my self in my mind hold her back tell than maybe change her to 430 hps for a few days before going to 1000 hps i am reading her like a rare book ,were danceing she dosent make a move with out me ,my life is for only to help her be the best she can be,how i try ,she knows this ,soon she well bud fast and hard because she has been held back ,than and only than well she find his pollen 's touch ,than i wait! and wait! the seeds well come and they well grow and i well grow them out and find each one ,i'll find all the males and freaks in the seeds ,i'll find the best but it well take time ,so i'll wait everyones sleeping i am not , i am here and their watching here and waiting why ,because i all ready know her and she is going to give brith to very rare seeds a few weeks i wait ,i ve smoked a lot of years but i dont remember wanting to wait before !what is this spell we share! do i realy know the spirit of this plant ,i feel her every move ,i guess, i'll wait to know,good luck tazz11
  2. this reminds me somthing of the *cough-one plant i loved on a couple of times every know you really can watch them grow, and change and grow and.... well i had alot of fun playing with my big ole girl buds trying not to touch her too much, squeezing now and again (just a little) in all the right places
    loving ,touching ,squeezing,na,na,na,na,na-nananana,nanananaaaa
    *sidetracked again,...nothing fancy special like yours
    but aah she was good. :)
    peace brotha
  3. by your reply it sounds like you love growing as much as i do gal ,i know its hard to beleave !lol good luck tazz11

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