She has a mustache!

Discussion in 'General' started by MarleyIsaLegend, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. So man school is sucking right now. My first block teacher is a female(i think) and she has a mustache! its terrible. it really is. she also goes *SHHHHHHHHHHH GIRRRRLSSSS* a lot which makes me die inside. only like 30 days til graduation and i dont think i can make it. it seriously makes me turn into a psycho. like that poem the tale tell heart or something like that except take out old evil eye and put in the mustache. and take out about everything else. Marijuana is good:)
  2. pictures or it didn't happen
  3. I will try to get one monday!
  4. 'uh yeah mrs i was trying to get a picture of your mustache hold still please'
  5. sucks man, my last semester english teacher was this hot as fuck 28 year old asian haha :smoke:

  6. my old math teacher was pretty hot. im pretty sure she got jealous when the chicks would go up to the board because it seems like she went up there and "accidently" dropped markers and would lean over slow and pick them up. the hot thing is that she knew i was checking her out hahaha. but i never tried to pull anything

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