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  1. Okay Im pretty sure this kind of thread has been done to death.

    But what if the absolute girl of your dreams who is staying at your college dorms happens to have a boyfriend living back at home a reasonable distance away. What the hell should i do. I think I have a good relationship with her just wanna escalate and its hard as it is.......and in case you were wondering it is actually a literal 10/10 like seriously it is ridiculous.....maybe shes out of my league lol

    am not sure what kind of response im gonna get.....its just my little project for the next year (along with the work and the sport lol). would like some starting points

    safe GC
  2. Put it in her butt.
  3. May the better man win, its her choice not yours but trying hurts less then never knowing.
  4. Personally, I think guys that hit on girls with boyfriends are scum. Do what you want I guess, but I know if I was a girl with a boyfriend I loved that lived far away and some guy that knew that started hitting on me, I would not think highly of that guy at all.

  5. Agreed, look at it from the guys perspective. You wouldnt like that shit. Hell prob fuck you up too if he knew what you were tryna do
  6. It's never stopped me before. My ex was with someone when I took a liking to her. Won her over like a mother fucking alpha male :cool:
  7. so conflicted lol......bear in mind i have to live with this person on the same floor till may because of university. I think ill try to keep it casual for a bit (but not in a sly way-ya get me?) and then make a move sometime....dont wanna be no sly guy but at the same time this is the most beautiful woman i have ever met and at the same time quite got on with...that being said maybe she thinks im some creep and im totally deluded hahahahahah
  8. So it's lust?

    If you like her tell her you like her. Anything less IMO is shady. There shouldn't be a gameplan, shame, nothing, just ask her out or something. If she's a piece of shit, she'll cheat and you'll know what kind of a relationship you're in. If she slaps your face she's got class........but before you make your move, ask yourself if you've got class too.

  9. do i need to have class at 18?

  10. ......apparently not.
  11. Dude if she has a boyfriend than at best and worst she'll use you.

    I got really attached to this girl with her boyfriend and we fucked around a lot because i thought she left him or was going to because she always talked the talk.

    Long story short, she still went back to him cause they have more history and you'll just end up feeling stupid and played. dont go thier.
  12. don't hit on her. just get close to her. like friends. eventually her boyfriend will notice and get jealous, and girls in LD relationships HATE when the guy gets jealous, and eventually it will fall apart and you will be there to put it in her butt
  13. All I can say is what if YOU were that boyfriend? If you want to be the scum of all earth, go ahead, its not like your the first, but what comes around goes around.
  14. just fuck her

    And if your tough beat up her b/f too

    I am literally in the same situation right now
  15. youre from the UK, youve already outclassed the most sophisticated Americans.
  16. Haha my best friend is from England and he's the sloppiest, most un-classy person I know. :hello: That's my buddy though!

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