She has a boyfriend.. what should I do?

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    So earlier this week I was helping my roomate film her group project on campus when I met one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my life. She was in the group, so we were working together all night. We began talking a lot and I felt like she might have been interested in me just by her body language and how often we were looking into each others eyes. However, I knew she had a boyfriend so I didn't think anything of it, other than her being nice. Fast forward to Friday night, I'm chillin at my apt smokin a doob with my roomate & a couple of friends when she msgs me on Facebook. Long story short, she ends up giving me her number & we start txting. She tells me she's hanging out at her apt drinking and wants to see me tonight cuz she felt like we hit it off well the other night. So I head over to her apt and her friend Sarah is there so I chill with them for a little bit and drink a couple beers. After a few hours it's pretty early in the morning so they decide to go to sleep and I drive back to my apt. We haven't talked since but we are doing some re shots next week and I think im going to try and take her out for coffee afterwards. What do you blades think I should do? I really like this girl.
  2. Just keep doing what you're doing. And bro, don't ask her to be in a relationship with you or anything. Just keep it like your both good friends and nothing more. Then, sooner or later she may be the ones asking the questions like "I really like him, but I have a boyfriend, what do I do?"

    Anyway, just act like nothing more than good friends, you are doing very well.
  3. Yeah take her out to just chill. Keep thuggin'.
  4. you're doing good, keep it up bro
  5. You're doing good, but try not to get too deep into the friend zone, trust me.

  6. :rolleyes:
  7. Take her BF out, simple.
    you're gunna need the following :

    Samurai sword
    Latex gloves
    Jason mask

    then hit on her at his funeral
    greif is natures most potent afrodisiac, anyone who's seen wedding crashers knows that.
    Good luck brah, oh and don't get caught, peace!
  8. Yeah continue to hang out with her...but like don't do anything but be yourself. Don't try and make moves or anything.

    Imagine if she was your GF and another guy came along and tried picking her up.
    Just continue hanging out, and if/when she breaks up with the BF, move in to his spot.

    But don't fuck a relationship up. It aint your business or call.
  9. Quit? She has a boyfriend. Don't get all shitty in the future when you're dating a girl and some dudes tryin to make his move in her.
  10. Pound that fish for all she is worth!

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