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  1. After a couple years of trying to show my mother the medical benefits of cannabis use, she finally got it! During her own time, she came across a show of some sort where a Physician and a Professor got together to speak out against prohibition. They expressed all the medical conditions it can control and releave. So last night I was driving my mom home and she asked me if I ever herd of "mirihuana oil". I almost lost control of my car when she asked me that! lol. She used to be so against it, saying it's the devil's device to control minds.
    My mother has a few health issues and she is getting much older now, and is obviously sick of taking so many pills. I explained to her that I was planning on making "special" brownies with some cannabis oil, and told her I would like to be with her during her first try. She thought it was a wonderful idea! She is hoping to relieve muscle spasms and gastrointestinal pain.

    Man I would never think this day would EVER come! lol it's so weird that we finally can agree on something! :hello:
  2. congrats! I hope all goes well with your mom's health issues and she enjoys her 1st high :hello:
  3. That's fucking awesome dude! Tell us how it goes! +REP
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    "my LOVELY DAUGHTER spent years amassing a wealth of knowledge and information and research devoted to turning my opinion around for marijuana and I ignored all of that BUUUTTT after watching a 25 minute program on the television featuring people I dont know using information that wasnt sourced on the program I COMPLETELY DID A 180 AND CHANGED MY MIND!"
  5. devils food cake!lol,good luck.
  6. haha that's what i was thinking too
  7. hey one day be like mom YOUR EYES!!!! THERE AS RED AS THE Devil's DICK!!!!
  8. it was because it was on one of her christian shows that shes so fond of, lol.

    btw..i'm her daughter :)
  9. That story made my day, I wish i could show my parents how good "mirihuana oil" is haha :D

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