She doesn't deserve me but I still have feelings..

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  2. If you didn't dip your dick in don't complain.
  3. aww OP ): how do you know that they are getting back together if they are just hanging out? are you sure you are not just freaking yourself out for no reason?

    and besides if that girl is just going to go back to her ex. it shows what kinda girl she was going to end up being if you guys started dating. (that is, if really anything is going on)

    and i wouldn't decide how you future relationships will be based on your 7th grade, 8th grade and other really young relationships, that's not fair to yourself. relationships are obviously going to be so much different once your older, thats why no one takes middle school relationships seriously

    if it was ment to work out then it will :smoke:
  4. sounds like a classic friend zone case
  5. Nah she stayed the night a few times and I know she had feelings for me, everywhere we went we acted like a couple. We had deep talks about how we've had shit happen to both of us so we weren't gonna get together just yet. Then her ex started blowing her up with tickets to some concert so she decided to go and I know she fucked him while wasted off unmentionables and alcohol right after we first started talking. So I wouldn't doubt if it's happening right now. That's why she doesn't deserve me..she does me dirty as hell. And even though I can process that and understand it, the fucked up part is I'd chill with her right now if she called and asked to come over. I don't get why I'd allow myself to be such a chump. It's COMPLETE role reversal. Never been so confused.
  6. ahhh what a bitch, well its a good start that you realize that she doesn't deserve you cause she totally doesn't.

    it seems like she really did like you but also but seems to still like her ex and can't seem to make up her mind...

    i wouldn't be too mad though about the night when she was fucked up she might've been taken advantage of and she probably hadn't even started liking you yet

    but yeah you definitely shouldn't chill with her for awhile
  7. That's what happens, they play with your mind. I suggest you get pissed as hell. Stomp round to her house and express your feeling for her outside her house at the top of your voice ;) trust me it always works... Unless they are a daddy's girl then I suggest you wear some running shoes to get away from him when he starts swinging a bat at you.
  8. It doesn't sound like she's interested in you. That or you have given her the impression that you aren't into her. Maybe that's why she went back to her ex.
  9. hate to say it bro but she's playing games with you, shes got you wrapped around her finger and she knows it.
    my advice would be to still hang with her but dont devote everything to her cos like you said she doesnt deserve it, make her earn your company, in other words if she asks you to hang just say no occasionally, also starting to hang with other chicks would be advisable. sooner or later she might wake up and realise that your not her piece of meat which she can just fuck around with and might take you seriously
  10. power of pussy.

    drives every man mad at some point or the another.

    i see her as someone whos ok for a casual relationship/sex... throw that in her face and see how that makes her feel.;)
  11. Man some girls just have that affect on you ya know?

    Theres this girl at work that I was involved with for abit.. she was my favourite person to hook up with because she was kinda shy to start but once she got comfortable she was really fun to be with. she'd bite me all over, play with my hands, scratch me abit, and then come in for the makeout.

    unfortuantely she also had issues with her ex and when we were starting together she wasnt ready for anything but she just really liked me so she went along with it..

    our relationship is a mess i've tried getting back with her but then realised i really cant at the moment and i've played with her heart shes played with mine its been back and forth and right now we just got past me being an idiot and fucking up again and her forgiving me and now were on talking terms again

    i work with her, and i want to get over her but I don't think i ever really will. I doubt im gonna pursue her again but theres just something about her that I will always be attracted to both physically and emotionally and it sucks because i can't move on sub consciously :(
  12. Yeah I just don't even know..
  13. i feel ya bro
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    Have you tried anything to step up the relationship?

    She doesn't deserve you... Lol, what are you some god?

    Maybe you need to make it clear that you're interested in more than friendship, its not her fault she thought you didn't like her that way. Also, I'm sure she has really mixed feelings for her ex, so you can't blame her for sleeping with someone she might still care about.

    If you still care about her, and want more than friendship you need to get your head out of your ass, and realize people make mistakes.
  15. Who the hell are you to come size me up like that?

    She knows exactly how I feel about her. Hell, she's been blowing me up all day apologizing and asking to come over. Anyone who can't show the same mutual respect toward a person who has given it to them multiple times, doesn't deserve that respect anymore. &Yep, people make mistakes. But is it a mistake if beforehand, we go over that I'm not trying to get hurt, but she does it anyway?

    Honest mistakes don't happen repeatedly. So thanks for your input but no thanks.
  16. I only really read the OP, and skimmed to the bottom.

    My point is you said you aren't exclusive, and now she's seeing her ex. You hang out and, party with her... she might just see you as a friend ie: friendzone. Therefore she doesn't realize she's hurting your feelings. That's what I got from the OP...

    You say she knows how you feel, so yes she did do you wrong. Still you guys aren't exclusive. Ok now, she's with her ex, and you guys have talked about being together, her feelings for her ex could easily outweigh her feelings towards you. Is there any reason why you two aren't a couple? Do you both agree that neither of you are ready to have a relationship? She could have just been afraid if another relationship, and decided to try, and make it work again with her ex... She's just another player in the game. It's bot like she led you on on purpose.
  17. I didn't mean to come off as a dick man I'm just in a weird place. We patched things yesterday and shes begging me to let her give me 100%. It's just someone I know is probably bad news for me but I can't help it. Blah.

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