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  1. hi im an idiot who most likely wont say anything worth listening to ever......hey im also an alien from the far reaches of your
  2. well lol welcome to this city! :D
  3. i am here to take over this city
  4. i dont have any plans for the city yet not until i send a transmission to my home planet telling them that im here....i have no idea what im talking about..whatever
  5. LOL! Have mercy... I really want to smoke some of what you have smoked!
    Welcome to the City.
  6. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Grasscity friend.

    May the grass be with you :smoking:
  7. i was walking downtown yesterday and me and a friend thought it would be funny to do a dance on the street and try to make money. we started dancing and a homeless man came up to use and asked us if we had change. i was like "no way god doesnt permit me to to that". the homeless guy siad 'what the hell are you talkin about boy". i responded by dancing some more and pretending to speak in tounges. the guy left and me and my friend went and got a drink.

    im gonna publish this as a movie script starring john stossel queen latifa, phil collins, and dr phil

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