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ShayanaShop.com? Auto-flowering??

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by potengineer, Jul 17, 2009.

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  2. never heard of that place but i do know you can get those same beans/strain from the attitude seedbank their under autoflower
  3. don't order from thees guys! they are scam.
    Im form germany and ordered but never got it, when i tried to email them they did not answer, tried many many times...
    never heard from them again and never got seed
  4. Hi all,

    As webmaster from shayanashop i just want to defend what is said here.
    We are not a rippoff we have around + 8 years.
    Notice that the marleybob only has 1 post, probably some one from competive shop trying to give us a bad name.

  5. Well mister MarleyBob and dear mister webmaster,

    not that I feel like coming to the rescue but I think a little anecdote might shed a somewhat more positive perspective on what just happens to by my number one online smart shop.

    and to those of you claiming it's straight-out publicity for Shayanashop, I simply say....you're right. Coz if someone would be allowed to put in a good word, I think it's me

    A couple of weeks back I ordered my usual batch of seeds, shrooms and other goodies, which arrived 8 days later, so smooth service as always. But then - and here's the crazy part- a few days into the New Year I get this message saying that I've won the socalled Shayana Jackpot. I had read sth about it on their webpage but kinda skipped it. Turns out I had won a 1000€ (67quid) worth of Shayanashop products... all thanks to my previous order (orders above 80€ automatically put you in the list of jackpot participants) That was two weeks ago..and last Friday everything was delivered. Needless to say a little party was in order (still recovering in sofa urrrgh).

    So you see. I am very biased when it comes to shayanashop :)
  6. uhum, better hurry up and correct my own post before someone else does

    for all you exchange rates experts out there... I know i know .

    A 1000€ is not 67 but 838 pounds !:hello:
  7. :smoke:
  8. i am from finland and very disapoint. almost 300 euros lost. i will just copy the mails with shayana starting 1/11/2013 and ending 8/29/2013 the oldest seem to be missing but u might get the point:



    there was yellow growth in two of the kits when they arrived.

    The one kit is not making any shrooms at all, two others has sick looking mushrooms, the one is smelling bad and only gave 5 mushrooms. The two other did not have yellow when they arrived but now they are also turning yellow.

    Is it safe to eat the mushrooms or can I send the kits back? Also I would like new kits couse these are big kits and before they have given many dozens shrooms at once.


    - Henri


    You seem to have forgotten, that you messed up in the first place when sending the kits. There is always microbes on the air, thats why they use suits in the dangerous virus labs even: there is not 100% sterile place.

    Let me remind you then: the kits didnt arrive with the other stuff. Then I send you this message, that when they arrive and you reply:

    "your kits could not be delivered due to address problems and are returning to us, we will contact you when they arrive to arrange a reshipment.

    we will contact you when the order returns to us to arrange a reshipment."

    There was no adress prolem and the kits were already arrived, they were in another delivery place but you did not tell me this.

    Then I got message from some neverheard DPD and the kits have been there very long time. When the kits are closed, they cannot breath and other parasites will take over the kits, which would normally not survive if the mushroom can breath. Now I send you this message:

    "there has been some misunderstanding, I got now a txt message from dpd finland that they have a package to me.

    When have you send this package? Can I have refund of the kits if they have been too long in the post and wont grow?"

    And then you send me this:


    the kits will be ok"

    Well, the kits were not okay and now you must a) return me and my friends money or b) send us new kits.

    There really is no other options: if we pay for something, you must deliver that product: not some smelly mushrooms, which do not even flush.

    If you sell kits that have been returned with lower price, there reads that they maybe do not ever grow. So how can you say to me, that these old kits "will be ok"?

    Like I sayed, we could make partnership program: I can use these infected kits now with my project of testing my aLED technology with them and can add you advertisement and website there.

    Then we would both win. Otherwise, we will both lose: that is for sure.

    If you think you are being funny, you are not. You must send me the kits what I have payed for: in good condition.

    I have already send these pictures to you once, please try to read what I send to you:


    I hope you understand now this situation fully

    - Henri



    Hello Henri Lentonen

    no one is being funny, i forwarded the link with the photos to the manufacturer to ask their opinion. please e-mail me next monday

    Best Regards,




    I am sorry, but I did not give the money to your manufacturer: I give it you so it is your responsibility also to do this.

    You can self then later deal with your own manufacturer, but you should send me the kits right away since I have shown very clearly that there was also error in your delivery of the kits which may have caused them to go bad.

    I hope you understand our situation now: we do not have much money and would like to continue with my friends to order your products also in the future, but we must now first have these products that we have already payed for.

    - Henri


    Hello Henri Lentonen

    we will offer you two new kits as a goodwill gesture, let me know which kits you want to receive

    Best Regards,


    (notice: it was half of what we payed for and took 5 people 1 month angry email spam to get them)


    Hi Joao,

    how about our partnership program?

    I am sorry, but you must send them all.

    I will discuss with my friends with this, but as a good will gesture I will personally demand only 3 kits since the one gave couple mushrooms untill it died.

    I will make another order so you will not have to pay the extra posting fee also: you can send the kits in the same order.

    - Henri

    Hi Joao,

    I talked with my friends and we agreed it is OK to have even those two kits.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    - Henri

    Shayana (new order):

    Hello Henri Lentonen

    We are sorry you haven't received your order.

    However, at the moment we can't do anything yet, because we always have to wait one month after the order was shipped.

    If you still haven't received anything, email us and we will work out a solution.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best Regards,


    #ok. but has it come to finland even? i mean that tracking number, can you see that?



    Hello Henri

    your order does not have a tracking number, you choose unregistered shipping without insurance


    you sayed 1 month last time.

    how long now?


    you choose unregistered uninsured shipping for your order so unless it returns to us we cannot take further action


    So last time we ordered mushrooms: they came rotten.

    We had to fight you for months and then you give half them back.

    Now I order from you again and you say you do not have stock and give "coupon".

    Nothing comes to me.

    It seems to me that you are cheating money from customers.

    (no reply i send new)

    You just take my money and not going to even reply?

    aaand today i send this:

    so this is what you are then?


    (case closed)


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