Shaving your junk

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  1. So I was just wondering what people's opinions were on dudes shaving their junk.
    I'm 21 and have been shaving for a few years now. Sometimes I'll just trim a bit others I'll take the razor to it. My basic belief is you can't expect a chick to do something your not willing to do yourself. Anyway, discuss away.
  2. I think a lot of girls will go a lot farther with something that looks well groomed
  3. i used to, but whats the point?
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    Like my grandpa always said, "no one wants to go down on a tumbleweed."
  5. Yea I keep him trimmed.I think its its kinda weird if he's smooth as a babys bottom
  6. Trimmed, not completely hair free. Don't keep it at forest mode though.

    I have to agree with this guy tho..
    I know I wouldn't want to hook up with a chick if she looked like cousin IT from the waist down.
  7. trim . but sometimes i get in the mood to manscape the shit out of my dick .
  8. Girls don't like hair, and I don't like scratching my balls. It feels so clean when there is none.
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    Yeah that's what happened to me this morning, prompting me to make this thread. I was up to an Arabian six o'clock shadow and decided it all must go again lol.

    On a related note, does anyone else ever get scared they gunna nick the base of that big blue vein with your razor, get a boner, and bleed to death? :smoke: that would suck!
  10. i always keep em nice and trim. but i cant get to some areas. usually grab the side burn part of an electric razor(i dont use it for my face lol) im kinda scared to have scissors near my delicates
  11. i use extra-sensitive Veet and get it all off with ease. no burn, no problem.
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    What he said
  13. you gotta nair that shit and get all the hair off the ladies like it nice and smooth so you can feel all the wetness
  14. Veet not nair lol
  15. It's just gonna grow back, Ts. Why bother...
  16. Neat and tidy please, makes it easier~
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    I hope your next girlfriend says that when u bitch...
  18. I hope my next girlfriend has self respect and shaves. Satchmo.
  19. I leave mine long so it makes it look smaller.
  20. I shave every other day with water and a shitty disposable razor. The first few times I would get ingrown hairs and it would be itchy, but that doesnt happen anymore

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