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  1. yesterday I got high and I was standing in front of the mirror naked and I realize its a jungle down there. So I got out my razor blade and went to the bathroom and start shaving my balls. After I was done, I sprinkle some GOLD BOND powder around my penis and start rubbing it in...very cool sensation.... When I was done.....I realized I have a cute looking dick.:devious:.........looks gorgeous.
  2. I ain't touching this thread with a ten foot clown pole

    all i'll say is rub some Bengay on your balls, it feel awesome
  3. this was quite odd, like somethin outta harold and kumar, which made me think of scissors....and laugh:smoking:
  4. Just a bit of advice buddy, men don't usually use the word cute when referring to their genitalia...haha.
  5. just wondering...why the FUCK would you even post this?

  6. Your dick looks cute? Haha that sucks.

    -10 man points.

    Just playin' :p
  7. pics or GTFO. ahh dont mind me im fucking hammed
  8. True. I know plenty of men who smoke, and never have I heard of one of them go through a naked-in-the-mirror-ball-shaving sesh...
  9. Bet mine's cuter. AND bigger. :wave:
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    All of this happened last week for me. Even the whole looking in the mirror part (No, not really).

    I didn't use gold bond, though, I used Aloe Vera. It was an experience.

    Alas, it's not worth it in the end. The stubble will be itchy, and lord will it burn at first.

    Good thread, +Rep.
  11. Honestly the best thing I've found for keeping the downstairs neat is the Schick Quattro with the built in trimmer. Set it to the 1st notch and go to town. It cuts your pubes down short, keeps it nice and clean lookin without lookin like a 6 year old. I shave my balls too, cuz I like when girls suck on them and I know if I was a girl I wouldn't want to suck on hairy balls either so I think they like it. Also if you have a small dick, cutting your pubes down makes it look bigger :D haha
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    You act as if him shavin his nuts has something to do with weed. If marijuana had that effect on people we wouldn't have millions of people smokin it.

    Or would we....
  13. Give it a few days. That nasty itchy feeling won't feel so cute.
  14. honestly i dont even shave anymore cause of the itchiness so i just started trimming down there props for usin gold bond tho <3 that shit.
    weird ass thread :smoke:
  15. After about nut shave 15 the itchiness goes away.
  16. For you guys wondering about what to put on besides the mentioned bengay or gold bond powder... TRUST ME here and put on some of the Icy Hot stuff... you'll thank me.... :D

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