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  1. We all know mj sex is pretty much a crap shoot but I think there are ways to increase the chances of getting your mj plant to become female. The very fact the we can produce a hermy plant by changing the environment proves that environment can play a roll in mj sex. The real question then becomes what environment conditions (outside of SoP) increases the chances of your favorite plant choosing to be a sexy lady instead of a balls on your face male.

    We have all had beautiful bushy mj plants that were just a marvel to look at turn out to be males. We end up chopping down those beautiful plants with a tear in our eye because the male was the best looking plant in the crop. This thread is pretty much a place for everyone to share the things that they do to increase the ratio of female plants. There are alot of myths surrounding mj sex so this could get interesting. Just make sure to state if your have tried it and what was the result.

    To start things off I have heard keeping the humidity on the high side of the forties increases the chances of females I have tried it recently on my project cfl grow and 2 out of the 3 seeds i planted turned out to be female. I had my humidity at 47%-49% for most of the veg cycle and it seemed to work. I haven't repeated it yet with another crop but it looks promising so far. For the record i used 3 random seeds from my bag seed stash the 2 females turned out to be stavia dom strains and the male was clearly a indica dom strain.
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    Bump - come on guys has no one heard of different methods to increase the ratio of females to males?
  3. Well it doesn't actually prove that environment plays a role in gender, it proves that stressing or otherwise creating a less than healthy environment can have NEGATIVE effects on gender, among other things. I have seen many threads like this on over the years with no plausible evidence that you can use similar practices and have POSITIVE results.

    MJ seeds are more likely to be female than male without any help from you. Keep your environment healthy and your plants happy. Let nature take it's course.

    See above.
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  5. I remember this BS from overgrow. B...S...
  6. if you're really interrested have a look here
    Robert A. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Botany & Breeding (Ch 4)

    get a big one rolled up before, it'll take a while but its mindblowing.


  7. Indoor growing is anything but letting nature take it's course we do all kinds of things indoors that are extremely rare in nature. Like 24hr light cycles, advanced nute regiments, LST etc... We do all these things to increase yeild potency and smokability that's y most outdoor growers envy the indoor growers because the total control over the environment is something that is not possible outdoors where nature takes its course. Just because no one has confirmed a way to force a mj plant to becoming a female doesn't mean there isn't a way. Hermies even though they are a result of stress show that the mj can change it's sex based on the conditions it is in. Yeah if you clone them all the clones will become the original sex the mj had until u provide the conditions for the change. The saying nothing ventured nothing gained comes to mind.

    Ganja47 nice link man i learned alot. I am going to try out a few of the things i read there the +50% female chance by storing the seeds with bananas sounds interesting i hope it works.
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    I don't know what else to say. Good luck with your experiments! Happy Growing!

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