Shaving my balls.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bank of Dank, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Well, I usually just trim them, but for the longest time I have no trimmer :/, so these motherfuckers were hairy as SHITT!!!

    So, I decide to do it in the shower, with the razor. Bad choice.

    While I'm at it I decide to shave my lower back (also fucking hairy) and my face.

    Well after those two, I began on the balls. Small strokes had to be used, so much hair...

    So by the time the drain was almost clogging (by the time I noticed it was too late, but the rest I put to the side to get with toilet paper) I only shaved about half of it!

    So I decided to call it quits and deem it a work in progress.


    Edit : Mods, if this picture is against the rules please take it down
  2. Nice cock.
  3. Try a lawnmower.
  4. I think one more go in the shower will do it
  5. beautiful balls my friend
  6. Thank you for labeling your legs, but not your flaccid penis.
  7. Dude I'm laughing so hard... Holy fuck
  8. .... lol wow.

  9. Are you implying that it'll be easier with a boner?

  10. This piece of advice would've been golden.... sorry shower drain and razor.
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    hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah please tell me this isn't real hahahahahahaha I'm weak

    EDIT- it says legs as if we would have known hahahaha

  12. Nah man, the base of the dick is all bushy and shit but above it isn't.
  13. this my friend is pure comedic gold.
  14. Lol funny shit!
  15. At least my balls aren't itchy as fuck. But that could be because I didn't shave them yet. Are you supposed to shave your scrotum?
  16. SO you have clown cock damnnn
  17. some gnarly ass side burns.
  18. I'm crying right now , I haven't laughed this hard in a long time thank you op & fellow contributors
  19. I keep thinking what if I forget to finish it and a girl sees it... like the look on her face.

  20. :eek::bolt::laughing::poke:
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