Shaving - Girls vs. Guys

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    I've always hated girls with bushes, and the general response seems to be "guys don't shave their shit all the time, why should we?".

    If she uses this excuse, just say, "If I touch pubic hair with my mouth while going down on you, you need to shave. If you can touch my pubic hair with your mouth while giving me a BJ, I'll shave"

  2. I will never shave, unless goddess arianna Celeste requested it.

    I'll trim, but fuck that!
  3. Totally bald pussies look weird and awkward to me...:(

    I like for SOMETHING to be there
  4. I don't really do too much investigations down there, only enough time to shove it in.
  5. You sound like a very generous lover.
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    u poor poor guys....

    you really should explore down there. I do it cause watching my girl squirm is the most fascinating and fulfilling thing to me, but hey if your a selfish fuck think of it this way.

    An orgasm is like....a road. The nerves from the chicks downstairs to the brain form a pathway that say "FUCK YES!!!!", bringing about the orgasm. Now, if you get her to do that alot with say...your tongue/fingers after some great foreplay, chances are when you throw it in there she's going to be pulsating on your cock, which is fucking AWESOME.

    So please, stop being inconsiderate, and eat that pussy my fellow blades.:smoke:

    EDIT: forgot where i was going with the "road" bit....but yes, its like a PATHWAY TO THE BRAIN, that when experienced frequently, becomes EASIER, AND EASIER to "travel" along.

    So, you get to feel like king muthafuckin tut after sticking it in for 10 secs, just the tip, and she's already quiverin like a koala bear ya feel me guys? (dunno where the koala bear came from, but i think it fits nicely..)
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    Everyone should follw this advice. ^

    I pretty much always shave it bald. I like how it feels when I masturbate it feels really great when it gets all wet on the outside and you can rub your fingers up and down and its all smooth and slick:D Damn, I need to have sex. Lol
  8. I slightly agree. Genital grooming is a matter of a personal preference (mine's shaving it off completely) but I don't think chicks should let themselves go just because guys don't care.
  9. i prefer a clean work environment. i keep trim as a matter of courtesy.
    girls have an uncanny ability to shave in odd places. you even manage to shave your bung. the thought of going at my anus with a razor is just toooo much.
  10. Question- Why do men what women to look like an impossible physical combination of pre-pubescent child and adult woman?

    Child face, bare pubes (and often a childish brain), paired with hips, boobs and a small waist seems to be your ideal! You seem to want a child with tits!
  11. Because guys dont want to floss with pubic hair?

    I like it shaven for cleanliness, ease of oral pleasure, and usually a bush blocks the view.

    Me, personally, enjoy foreplay a lot, tons of fun for a good length of time. Sex is the awesome dessert after a taste meal ;)
  12. landing strip, nice.
    square patch, nice.

    kukuanga jungle with chimps and shit swinging around, no thanks.
  13. i think you have to be a totally pussy whipped bitch to shave your pubes, maaaaaybe you could do some 'madscaping' but fuck shaving it all of, that's the girls job.
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  15. I don't shave for my guy, I shave for me. Having hair just completely bugs me.

    As far as how my guys go, I prefer shaved or at LEAST trimmed. It is so nice when a guy keeps himself tame down there, I'm so much more willing to explore.

  16. I agree 100%
    I do it because its my preference, and my guy is entitled to his as well. But I like a well trimmed guy as opposed to no grooming whatsoever.
  17. If they don't shave downstairs I shave them down stairs.
  18. Agree. I like it trimmed. Or some bush is nice once in a while too.
  19. [quote name='"ixBeachbumxi"']
    kukuanga jungle with chimps and shit swinging around, no thanks.[/quote]

    it sounds more like hunting for std's to me hah
  20. I don't mind a little fuzz, but I'm not trying to trek the Aztec jungle to look for her slice.

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