Shaving Down teeth?

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Is there some sort of dental procedure that would file down some of my teeth, specifially my canine teeth. My teeth are very healthy, and look very good, but I've always hated to smile because of these fuckin vampire teeth. Would it be possible to get a dental treatment to file them down?
  2. veneers? you are left with a cave opening for a mouth before the dentist/surgeon adds the fake part. it's highly uncomfortable; even whilesedated... you gotta want it bad from what i hear from my sister. :)
  3. Do you feast on the living?
  4. The dentist just grinds the canines down with a tool. I had it done a few years ago. Not a big deal at all.
  5. my dentist filed down my front ones for me so theyre shorter and flat.....then i have my huge vampire canines, i love it man you should keep that
  6. That's fucking sick man, I'm jealous of you.
  7. Man, I would kill to have vampire teeth, and this guy is complaining? What the devil? hahahaha.
  8. Are you nuts bro? I love my canine, My shit is pointy and sharp. :hello:
  9. I've got some little fangs but nothing bad, I saw a guy who filed down his front 4 teeth one time at chucky cheese, short the vampire look, with his mouth closed he was fucking hot.
  10. I know this one guy where his two teeth like hang down over his bottom lip. He looks like a hardcore vampire, and the kinky chicks dig it.
  11. I chipped a tooth once lol and I filed it down with a nail file LOL
  12. I would rather have vamp teeth :(

    Sharp canines are probably a good dominate trait. When civilization falls I'd want to be able to bite into stuff.... for whatever reason. Not cool if you become a zombie though.
  13. Dentists will likely do it if there is good enough of a reason.

    I drink a lot of soda, and the smooth bottom edge of my front tooth looked like it had been chipped, but it was just the beginging of a cavity.

    my dentist didnt have to use any metal in this filling, but pretty much just painted it over and smoothed it out. My other front tooth will likely need this done eventually.

    But imo, your dentist will only mess with your teeth if he sees it nessicary, and imo looks are not nessicary.

    You only get 1 set of teeth. They only shave down what they need to.
  14. hahaha that made me laugh + rep:hello:
  15. Vamp teeth are sexy but thats just my opinion. I dont know what it is but it makes peoples' smile seem more....menacing. *swoons
  16. Dude, I have vamipre teeth too, and almost got them filed down. Then like 2 months laters my current gf of 5 months and I met and my vampire teeth were what initially turned her on. The girls who are fun in bed like vampire teeth, if anything, file down your other teeth to emphasize the canines.
  17. exactly.........for the love of all the kinky, freaky, nasty, naughty girls in the world please dont get rid of those canines
  18. I love my vampire teeth. my canines drop about a 1/2 inch below the rest of my teeth

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