Shave down there?

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Go Bare Down There?

  1. mmmm...smooooth

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  2. Nah, I like it natural

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  3. Keeping it trimmed

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  4. I like to shave my arms too![IMG][/IMG]

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  5. HAHA! NUBBINS STONED OUT OF HIS MIND! and he bathes in Nair!

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  1. Heeeeeeey...

    lol, I hope this is appropriate..dont wanna offend anyone, but it *is* a fun subject :)

    I was just wondering what you all thought about body hair...Personally I think down there, go bare. Especially the ladies. Man, the first time with my girlfriend, I was FLOORED!! its a real turn on. From then on, I became bare down there! what a nice feelin :p

  2. my friend had told me about his expieriance going bare. He said it was a pain in the ass when it was a lil short, like a crew cut size, and it was all prickly. Heh
  3. if i was a girl i know i'd shave, but being a guy, and lazy, i don't even bother to think about it. The girl i'm with now has really strick family and friends that won't give us a second together alone so i don't see me having sex for a while anyways so it doesn't matter.
  4. Keep it trimed down there! No body likes a mouth full of hair!!!!!!!!!!
  5. true..if I were a guy I probably wouldnt..but I think id keep it trimmed..hey it makes who know who stand out a lil more right? bonus for the guy.. so true, no one likes a mouth full o'
  6. Keeping it short for both sexes is a must. You all are so right - no one wants a mouth of of hair. I can't help but think that if stuff clings to face hair.....

  7. Ewwww, ISIS!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, we girls need to keep it trimmed for the guys(or girls) and the guys just need to keep it natural. When a man shaves "down there", it eventually grows out and it isn't just prickly to him, ya know?
  8. ...Five O'clock Shadow
  9. I think if you are a guy and you shave it totally bald down there, it's a bit homosexual. I mean, I beleive in good grooming and everything, but that's a little much.

  10. Ahh but hang on now,,,,after shaving you should rub the shaved areas with vaseline,,area will remain silky smooth for many days,,emerging stubble will be soft....,and easy to shave again(strippers secret)


  11. This thinking can really stifle your tally on getting laid...where's your sexual confidence?

    BTW...Since this old fart, married with children biker shaves his pubes,,am I to understand from your thinking,,that I may be a bit homosexual???........LMFAO.....that's a good one...


  12. Now theres a guy who knows his stubble!

  13. I was going to let this post pass without a comment but since an OFFF answered, I'll throw my two cents in. I keep my boys, and just the boys, shaved all the time. Why??? Because every porno star keeps their sack shaved. watch them movies. Big Rocco the porno king keeps his shaved and he's a banging machine. So if you want to be like us porno stars get out the razor.

    BTW, the term for a man who keeps his sack shaved is called "going bushhogged"
  14. lol

  15. LOL I was gonna leave this topic alone too, but thanks to BPP and NdicaBud I couldn't resist the urge ~ good to know there's still a few good men out there that aren't afraid of their manhood & keep it a little less hairy for us women to deal with out there!
    I may be a girl, so it's not so "homo" to say I keep it shaved & at least trimmed during lazy times... and... I'm dying to tell about Phishhead but he'd be pissed so let's just say great minds think alike & leave it at that! (I'll get busted for that one)

    And it is most CERTAINLY not the least bit homosexual for men to... er... shave down there... if anything it's sexy, and well... Mouthful of pubes?! *shudder* who brought that up, WHO?! There are few things grosser than that.
  16. It's amusing to me to find that so many of the smokers who post here are so concerned with shaving their unmentionables. Most of the stoners I know will go a week without showering and not think twice. I mean it's your preference and I'm not knocking it, but it's not something I'm used to hearing.

  17. ok.
    eeeeeh, most stoners I know, I work with, I go to school with, and even go hiking with but lol, they all do shower on a daily basis and from what i know (lol, no I not sleeping around with all my smoking buddies!) they most do keep up with trimmin the hairs down there..of course if were on a 5 days campin trip no no one gives a damn about any hari at all...
    I do, have some real natural type friends that do let everything go, but for the most part they do get clean! i wouldnt be around so much if they didnt! i dunno about hanging around smelly people lol and I cartainly dont like gettin pubes stuck in my teeth. ;) i love my gf.
  18. I shower at least once a day. Most of the time two!

    Gotta be clean if your going to be around me!!!!!
  19. Yeah for girls I like it bare, but for some reason i like a tiny little trimmed bush. Really short, but not stubbly. I dunno why, its just a turnon. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from likin' 'em hairy, I just like a little something so its not like I'm jamming a 5 year old.

    On guys...i think bald is a little wierd. I mean, to each his own but I think a little mantenence is all that's required.

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