Shaun of the dead

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. long time no see guys ;)

    But whos seen shaun of the dead? yet more proof(as if you need it ;)) british humor is the very best :D

    you got red on you :p
  2. haha im gonna have to go and see it AGAIN just for the pub bit with the queen song thats cool.

    c'mon somebody MUST'VE seen it?!
  3. Er... sorry bro... most of us prefer real movies... not ones that you've made up. Don't get me wrong, they're probably really good... its just that, you know, since you made them up, its hard for us to get a hold of a copy.

  4. no i've not seen it yet, i might go tonight, or tomorrow afternoon........looks funny........Peace out.......Sid
  5. yeah ive seen it!
    and it is hella funny, got a good few chuckles out of me.
  6. thats rite, see its a british film :p. your gonna have to not see then than arnt you ;)

  7. lol thats great tho.

    it'd have een funnier IF i'd made it up, but it still hits a 7 on the DoK lafter scale

    Shaun of the Dead hits a 9.5 tho :p
  8. lol shaun of the dead is well Good!
    British humour rules. we have loads of sarcasm
  9. yeah british humor does rule....... we too have loads of sarcasm :)

  10. was that meant as a dig?.........Peace out.........Sid

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