Shattering a friend's dignity by means of his own vomit

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  1. Okay, so Sunday night rolls around and my friend asks to come and chill.

    He pulls up in his flashy Mustang and we go to pick up some weed. I feel very unsafe driving with him because he is reckless. He texts while he drives, goes 80 in a 50 most times, doesn't wear a seatbelt (consciously ignoring the repetitive beeping of the seatbelt indicator). A couple of years ago, he let one of my good friends drive his car, without a license and very little knowledge of how a car operates. Needless to say, he crashed the 'Stang into a tree on some dude's lawn and totaled it.

    We recently made plans to start workin' out together... I'll say that he's a "guy" for sure. Likes to fuck bitches, work out, drink beer, be stupid like the rest of 'em (granted I'm a dude too but I'm a little more... odd)... anyways, let's just say he values his manhood. He told me he anally fucked his girlfriend for the first time, so I guess that's sweet.

    Even when we went to go and pick up, I introduced him to my dealer, and afterwards he said "Yeah if he tried to short us, no biggie... he had a woman's handshake". Stuff like that.

    WELL, we get back to my place and start toking some bowls. It's just regular chin bud you find in Ontario quite a bit. I pack a pipe bowl... and we pass that back and forth. We're chillin' on the couch, high as fuck, when he sits up and pukes on my floor. At first I thought it was a sneeze.

    I'm like "Dude did you puke?"

    He tried answering, but instead cupped a hand over his mouth and grabbed my trash bin, and proceeded to puke like 8 times... it was horrifying.

    I got him some water and shit - he was like dry heaving. I could tell he was embarrassed as fuck, but I didn't care... told him shit happens.

    I made him clean up the puke on the floor, but when it came time to empty the puke-soaked paper towels and vomit from the bin, he refused to take it out to the street and dump it in the sewer. I have done this before, and while I would have rather disposed of it in another manner, I didn't want to bring that in my house or anything. Fuckin' reeked.

    It's getting close to 1am by the this point... and he's like barely awake on my couch, complaining that he has the drips (likened it to when he did coke). He asks to chill out until he can drive back "safely" (how fucking ironic), when I wanted to be asleep by midnight. In the end I told him he could just wait there, but that I was going in. I was brushing my teeth, and I saw him run out fast, dump it in the sewer, and then drive the fuck out of the there.

    Next day, he said he would want to go to the gym at 12:30-1... he texts me saying how embarrassing that was... and I still asked if we were going to work out. He didn't answer the 5 texts I sent him all day, so I ended up going without him. I think he was too embarrassed to show his face, for some reason. I don't care that he puked, because SHIT HAPPENS, but I guess his masculine pride has been shattered or something.
  2. Damn, did you ever smoke with him before? Sounds like he let his ego tell him how big his lungs were. I don't get why folks would be embarrassed about something like that if it wasn't in a big group. I mean, you didn't bust on him or anything.
  3. haha what a pussy
  4. There's usually a series of things you can do on the steering column (like a secret code) to disable the beeping/reminder forever.
  5. That's great. What's really funny is that he's going to be really self conscious about that night for a while.
  6. hahahaha poor dude. i really dont see how people can throw up from weed he must be a swallower:rolleyes:
    smoke swallower i mean:eek:. oh well too late now:(
  7. haha well no wonder he's embarrased, he's acting like he's a bad man and smokes like a chimney, but really pukes after a few bowls...:smoke: he probably thinks youll spread it round and shatter his precious ego.

    but, i dont give a fuck either to be honest. if someone pukes they cant help it, everyone has their limits. but when you act like he does, and then gets all embarrased when it blows up in his face , its just funny.
  8. ewwww chinnnnnnn.
    if i smoked that shit id puke to lol
    but seriously.. ew
  9. whats chin bud? is that like mids or something?
  10. wondering this as well :confused:
  11. It's not even bad weed; it's not the greatest but it is covered in THC and gives a huge body stone.

    It was his money or we would have gotten some dank. Preferred quantity over quality, I suppose.

    Yeah, he's probably really embarrassed still; that would be like him. What's weird is he tokes a lot. But... he also chain smokes like crazy. I'm guessing that had something to do with it.

    It's like a night of drinking. We end up puking and that's that. No need to be embarrassed... although he probably would be about that too.
  12. how does he have a mustang if his friend totaled it? did he buy another?

  13. The entire front was fucked on it; I guess I shouldn't have said totaled, but it was off the road for a bit. Both of them had to pay for the repairs. It was quite costly; probably in the ballpark of $4000 or more...

    And to clarify, this is an example of chin bud.


    The reason it's called "chin" bud around here is because of all the Chinese growers who breed it. It's commercial grade weed, able to be grown quite fast and in large quantities, giving a decent stone, so hell, why not?

    I think the strain M-39 is what most of the chin bud is. That picture right there is rather old and the bud isn't that dried, but what can I say - it's chin.
  14. That looks like great weed to me? :confused: But I guess you guys are spoiled with BC bud. And yeah WHL that dude sounds like he has a huge ego and can't show his face now....cuz of that. Bleh. You should tell him it's okay happens.
  15. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. I know. Maybe that's one of the better pickups... it's not always that great looking. And yes, we get quite a bit of good bud... not just BC. I'll show you the next dank pickup we get. ;)

    I told him like 5 times that shit happens and that I wasn't angry. I could tell that he was still embarrassed heavily. He was trying to laugh it off, but he couldn't hide how he really felt.
  17. Maybe that'll bring his ego out of the clouds. That comment about the handshake is ridiculous, I didn't know your manliness can be judged by how you shake someone's hand. :rolleyes:

  18. This is funny because that wasn't the point of the post.
  19. ya, it looks nice but you know like the smell.. its like a barn. and the taste.. it is known to make people who are used to dank chuck.

  20. The smell is unmistakable.

    The taste of the smoke is a burning horror.

    But the high is alright. It gets tiring and boring after a while, which is why I'd rather buy smaller quantities of dank. Since I have a job now, I can afford medium sized pickups of good bud. Awesome.

    I'm gonna smoke the chin I have here anyways. I won't puke... I'm WHL... I smoke weed.

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