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Shattered my bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by CrimsonAngel, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. The other day my bong fell and the bottom completely shattered but the rest is completely intact does anyone know any glass blowers I could send it to for the bottom to be perhaps rebuilt?
  2. pictures for fapping to?
  3. i heard 420repairdotcom can repair bases. They have pics on the site that show you what they can repair.
  4. Here's the Damages

    Attached Files:

  5. Death. I dont think they can.
  6. Youch, my inner craftier says you can repair it yourself. The base is shot, but another suitable replacement is awaiting you at your local thrift store in the form of some type of glass vase that is the nearly the same thickness as the glass of the remaining barrel. While many use two part apoxy, I like to use a blow torch and a rod of glass used for flameworking. Goolge it and see if it's within your abiltiy.
  7. This is What I was thinking but will a blow torch work to melt the glass? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but since its Pyrex don't you need like a special type of torch If not Id def try this option.
  8. RIP bong ; (
  9. Yeesh, I'm sorry man, it looks pretty destroyed.

    *Moment of silence* :(
  10. Ya I'm sorta having mixed thoughts I might head over to secrets in a week to get a new piece or try to get mine repaired but then I have limited money at the moment. And if I buy a new piece i don't want a cheap one just for the moment I'd Want a real good one.
  11. They can't repair that piece, a new one would be better anyway.
  12. *Bows head in respect*
  13. there is hope!!!
  14. depends on how much money you want to spend having it blown back into life.

    i've seen DEADDD pieces brought back to life.

    any blower worth his shit could fix that, itd prolly just cost u :eek:
  15. best just smash the rest so you are left with a pile of tiny glass shards.

    go kill a few old ladies and then while yer running from the police, throw your bong glass shards behind you as you run to stay safe.
  16. its gone, sorry but really is it worth fixing when you can just order another? perhaps it just wasnt meant to be
  17. ahhahaha
  18. The flameworking glass rod has a lower melting point and will go to molten glass when your heat it with a blow torch and you can use it kind of like a welding rod to "dot" the cracks and after some work you'll make a strong water tight seam. The Pyrex will not melt or bend under a normal blowtorch, but you wont need it to as you are just "welding" it back together with the flameworking rod. I've seen some people use the reservoir off and old glass oil lamp to replace the base altogether and just drill a new hole for the down stem. Its a nice shape, heavy base, and has a narrow opening at the top.

    Really only worth it if this piece has great sentimental value or you want to brag about your glass healing skills.
  19. thanks quite informative but I think I've decided to pick up a Toro :hello:

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