Shattered Graffix Plexi Bongs!!!!

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  1. Greetings;

    I live in Phoenix, AZ, and do my 'business' outside on a covered patio for a variety of reason. Ambient temp can get up to 110.

    I have been through FOUR (4) Graffix plexi bongs in SIX (6) days!!!!!!!

    The bottom half of the 'bubbler' cracked off!!!!
    On a second bubbler, the 'eyehole' sort of disintegrated to an oval.
    The third was a straight, and after TWO uses, had cracks running half way up, and three-quarters of the way down from the hole.

    A third bubbler, after two uses, developed a long 'moustache'/whisker crack angling from the hole down and out to both sides. After one more use, a similar crack, but this time curling UP ala a Dali 'stache'!

    I've been using outdoors with plexi bongs for 35 years! NO solvents - alcohol or nail polish remover involved.
    busted_bubbler-72x600.jpg shattered-2-72x600.jpg shattered-1-72x600.jpg bb-3-72x8.jpg broken_bong-1-72x800.jpg
    I've stayed away from glass because, get this, it shatters too easily!!!!!

    Any tips?

    Thanx in advance...
  2. Looks like you might be in a situation where you have to empty your water with every use unfortunately.
  3. Are you putting in freezer or adding ice cubes maybe temp. Diffrence causing problem. Tank glass bongs are pretty tough if you looking for a more unbreakable option.
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  4. Though the 'boutique' has a NO RETURNS ONCE IT LEFT THE STORE policy, the manager said they HAVE seen this before, and after purchasing two, he comped, me an exchange.

    When that one went south, an employee gave me a half-off, but suggested I talk with the manager, as they felt they still 'owed' me something. I've been a customer at the store for over 30 years, and it has alwyas been a 'preferred' shop.
  5. Oh so they all came from the same store maybe a bad batch of materials from graffix nice that the shop is working with ya.
  6. Wrong thread lol
  7. Everything is out here on the patio. The other day, the water temp was 107F. I imagine the surface temps of everything else to be the same, as nothing is in direct light.

    That short straight one got me to changing H2O with each 'session'. Which was done done via a 'emtpy to' and 'refill from' pair of jugs out here. So no sudden temp changes, except when I light. And I only hold the flame over long enough to ignite the bowl, not until it is finished. I cannot imagine the aluminum, glass, and rubber all getting so hot from a couple seconds worth of exposure that they are expanding the ring into which they are set. Also can't imagine the capacity nor rate of my inhale to cause such a vacuum as to contract the 'solid' plexiglas!
  8. I've never heard of bongs just breaking like that.. u sure it's not just a dodgey batch of bongs the headshops got??
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  9. Also if you want a bong that doesn't break you should get 1 of these

    I've seen people hit nails with them like a hammer & they don't even scratch the glass lol

    I'm guessing they'd cost alot but it would definitely be worth it since you can't break it lol
  10. They also have the flexible silicone bongs that I do not think would be affected by the heat and they are only like 20- 30 usd so not to big of a deal if it dont work.
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  11. Edit just read they are not good for you.
  12. Seen the silicon ones. Think I'll pass on that. I DO like something to grip that isn't going to collapse and squeeze the insides out. And i don't know that it was as qucik to stand up on its own.

    Is that 'pipe' glass? I heard that term and wondered if it was another term for tempered/hardened glass, or 'Pyrex©'.

    Anyone know of a source for Pyrex© bongs?

    Thanx for the replies!

    Keep 'em coming. Please!
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  13. Pyrex can also break with heat change dude.. I cooked chicken once in a Pyrex dish & my high ass put it straight in cold water & it just shattered in my sink lol
  14. I heard pyrex will explode on gas ranges i think with something like tank glass if you can drive a nail with it it shouldn't break sitting on your patio
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  15. I was under the impression most quality glass is made from a pyrex glass
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  16. But the real question is... why dont you just bring the bong inside when you are done ?
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    Cheap Chinese knock off. I remember when graffix was king.
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  18. I remember maybe 20 years ago a trip to the beach all the head shops were proudly advertising graffix
  19. Popcorn;

    Too convenient to have it here when I am ready. I already use a cane in my right hand, and balance my MacBook Pro, and a small tote with my coffee cup and thermos in the other hand.

    And cookies on the way out in the morning!

    Also the Mrs can/t handle ANYTHING that comes close to smoke, of any sort, anywhere in the house. (We had a a house fire in 2012). I had a shirt on that got some smoke smell, and in another room was not far enough. OUT OF THE HOUSE! Seems the only thing that DOESN'T bother her is cat dander and stinky litter boxes!

    Except a couple months ago she went through an episode of EXTREME reactions including hives and itching. That went on for about a month. She had to stay at the neighbor's house, and we spent lots of $$$ for a thorough vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, and mopping.

    Not really room in the fridge either. And again the smell - with or without water in it. And near anywhere else would be open territory to becoming a cat play toy.

    I didn't get the unbreakable one referenced above, but have ordered one from grasscity...

    A few 'unsolicitated' comment segments...

    'AWSOME product and exceptional customer service
    It has beautiful thick glass and a nice wide base. You not only get an ice catch but it packs a punch harder than any 8-9” one I’ve tried.'

    'Heavy duty glass. Favorite bong.'

    'It's built from thick glass which both looks great and gives the piece a nice solid feel with the right amount of heft.'
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  20. Hope this one works out dont forget to throw up pic and let us know if it holds up for you.

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