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  1. this sucks :(
    I got my mad scientist in the mail and it was shattered.
    looks like I'll have to wait till the glass insurance does its thing and i get another one or something.
    was really hoping to hit this as soon as it got in.

    damn fed-ex >_>
  2. who sent it to you GC?? email a mod about their broken bong policy

    I recieved 2 broken bongs in the mail buying from another said website, They sent replacements no question. If you send GC pictures of your broken glass and invoice and they dont send a replacement, PM and ill give you a link that I know for a fact will ship replacements with a pics proof no questions asked

    Ive never bought from GC, but let me know if they send you a replacement, if they dont, then ill be pretty glad i never spend $ here to say the least
  3. im only saying this because i know how it feels to get a broken bong in the mail. And a broken replacement, fedex actually got my replacements replacement in 1 piece.

    my 2nd order from another website came broken, the orders were placed a day or two apart, I got color requested pieces. And ended up getting a 2nd package of the same order a month later for no reason. prolly a mistake, but it ended up being 200$ in free stuff by the time i was done

    regardless, there are plenty of other places that have prestine customer service and broken item policies. Id expect GC to be up to par, but if theyre not then I wouldnt buy from them in the future if i was you

    not trying to flame at all, mho--they should sort out your probs
    --im also just assuming you bought from GC, but regardless, where ever you buy should step up.
  4. oh definitely.
    I will say grasscity always resolved any order problems ive had.
    It's the dissapointment factor that has me going.

    I can see why it broke too. It comes with a little metal hook to remove the perc. it was stuck in with the bong and must have bounced around and shattered it.
  5. Wow that would be gay if they didnt send you a new boong, god damn.
  6. whats wrong with a broken bong? y dont u just ram the shards of glass up your asshole?;)

    Cool it with the attitude, Kevin. It doesn't fly here. --Hempress

  7. -rep

    grow up kid

    sorry man dont worry you will egt ti replaced but you gotta wait awhile again :(
  8. Kevin, there was absolutely no need for that. Milo dude, I'm sorry to hear about the bong. Those Molinos looks so fucking cool too.
  9. thats sweet grasscity will work with you like that
  10. I'm going to move this to General Feedback. You're more likely to get help there. My advice to you is to email with your information.
  11. Hempress is support. SJ always makes things right when it comes to the Shop. :)
  12. update: support got back to me on friday asking for pics of the broken item so they can send me a new one, just waitin to hear back.

    I'll update again when my replacement gets here.
  13. Did you get the new bong dude? LoL
  14. No, still didn't, and I'm actually pretty angry about it :mad:.
    support takes so long to answer and when they do, they are only half answers.
    Sent them the pics they requested and had to send them again 5 days later because I didn't get a reply back. On the second one i got a response a few days after that, and I still don't know if they even shipped it.

    I'm sure a mod will jump my shit for even mentioning any of this but whatever.
    I'm so mad i could use drugs o_O err....... yeh.

    p.s: I think I used the phrase "jump my shit" thinking it meant something else :/
  15. Awww, that sucks to hear, bro. :|. When you get the new piece you should post a vid :D. Tell us when you know it's shipped!
  16. I will get support to ot asap!

  17. arrived about an hour ago, no cracks good shape.
    Little metal hook taped to the outside of the box this time :) so no shrapnel lol.
    Gonna throw a review up in an hour.
  18. more like 3 if its your first time hitting the thing. youll be out fo sho. enjoy!
  19. Dear,

    I am from Grasscity support and I am very willing of course to help you out ! Please let me know your ordernumber or name used while ordering so I can find your status in the database ?:confused:


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