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shatter not wax

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by telamont, Jan 15, 2013.

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    ive heard some strands you just cant get wax from. why is that?

    i have a shatter im tying for waxd honeycomb. when i vac it it gets soft but hardens at room temp to shatter. i was told vac it at a higher temp and it should wax up. i want it waxy and soft not shiny and hard . I do not whip and do not want to i heard that just traps butane.

    Any help is appreciated. thanks.

    i put the shatter in the vac again at a higher temp now hoping for some better results im just not sure its possible with this strand or im doing something wrong.
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    it just melts down and theres no reaction it looks like a puddle of wax or something. its gonna harden up after im done vac'n too i think.

    could it be moisture trapped thats why it wont dry out?
  3. My guess would be that it's a strain issue, I find some strains just can't be anything else but oil at room temp some just respond much better then others to vac purging in my experience

    Let us know if you do come up with a way to solve it
  4. I've heard kushs wax better. My thoughts are that when you heat it to high in your vac it burns it doesnt really turn into wax. I've made shatter in a vac and wax only by whipping it. Try a hot water bath (not boiling) and whipping and it will wax up and if you want try throwing it in your vac to make sure all the butane is out. Just a thought.

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