Sharpstone - interchangeable parts?

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  1. Hey GC. I've lurked for years and years but registered as I have a very specific question and haven't been able to find an answer (but would like to know previous to purchase planning of course).
    So part of last year I had a buddy of mine babysit my 2.5" crank sharpstone while I was away. He didn't do a great job - tore the screen and completely lost the pollen catcher part. I like the crank grinder though and was curious if anyone knows if a typical 2.5" sharpstone grinder would have the same screw shape as the crank grinder version (I don't see why not but I'd like to be sure). Plan A would be to get a normal 2.5" sharpstone and, as I'm currently away from my main grinder and smoking pieces, simply "fix up" my crank grinder with the parts from a normal sharpstone when I am reunited with it again - sort of Frankenstein monster this grinder, if you will.
    So yeah, anyone have experience with this? Any pertinent input is appreciated, so thanks in advance!

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