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Sharpstone Grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Grizzlyy, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. For anyone thinking about purchasing a grinder on a budget I highly recommend this grinder. Of course they're are other grinders out there like Space Case, i would have got that but i didn't really have enough money for it, but if you do you should get that. The reviews are outstanding and you would be supporting an American made product.

    If you have any questions about my grinder I got the 2.2" 4 piece black grinder.:smoke:
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  2. How much did that little guy cost you?
  3. It was 27.99 plus shipping and that was only a couple dollars. It ships from Texas and it comes pretty fast too. Took mine 4 days.
  4. Mine is called "SharpEdge" probably a bootleg version.
  5. Im not sure, I remember reading something on SharpEdge. I read an authenticity guide before I got this one and it might have said something about it in there.
  6. I got a sharpstone and I can say that I'm happy with it, but I wish the consistency was a little more fine. My cheap 8 dollar grinder sucks but has the finest consistency I've seen. Shreds weed into a soft pillow

  7. I've been meaning to make my next purchase a grinder, but I want to make sure I get a decent one. A few of my friends have them, cheap ones, $7-15, and I'm usually not impressed lol. I could dish out $30 for quality
  8. [quote name='"plaksa5"']

    I've been meaning to make my next purchase a grinder, but I want to make sure I get a decent one. A few of my friends have them, cheap ones, $7-15, and I'm usually not impressed lol. I could dish out $30 for quality[/quote]

    One thing I will say is its got 'quality' written all over it

  9. Yeah it is a quality grinder. Just make sure you get the authentic one from . When I was looking for a grinder there were a lot of people buying fake ones off amazon and ebay. What are you looking for exactly? consistency? kief catcher? durability?

  10. Good to know man

    Yeah I'll make sure I go to their site and nothing else. I'd want a grinder that gives a more fine consitencey, I feel I roll better. And a decent kief catcher is all I need, I won't be breaking up that much at a time haha.
  11. I was unsure of the consistency when i first grinded it. It turns out it was perfect, the reason i was unsure is because of the fineness but it turned out great
  12. hey bro, i got the same grinder! only difference is, i bought mine over two years ago!!

    its served me very very well. everything about it is still in tact so i can definitely back up the american made quality of it.

    iso wash every few weeks keeps it like brand new, and it yields a little hash :bongin:
  13. Looks good! I love my grinder it saddens me to think of all the bud I didn't grind before purchasing my grinder. If you ever wonder why people grind their bud try it. A few tokes and then you'll say that's why!!! :smoke:
  14. Thanks for the cleaning info! and i feel it burns a lot slowers and smoother. Is that just me?
  15. No it's not just you it's your grinder too. Hell yeah man that's the point! :smoke:

  16. Plus, the amount of time it saves compared to breaking it up yourself. Unreal. And no sticky fingers either!
  17. I got a 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder off Amazon for 5.00 + 2.50 S+H. Works just as good as any fancy name brand grinder ;)

  18. until you start noticing metal shavings in your weed because of the cheaply done CNC work, then the teeth breaking off.

  19. and i feel like the stickiness on your fingers is lost plant matter that could have been in the bowl.

    as for consistency, I think this one grinds it pretty well, fluffs it up in my honest opinion. The longer you leave your bud in the chamber the drier it gets though and when it gets dry it seems to turn to an even finer consistency.
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    I got a SharpStone this week for $26 including shipping from their official site. I bought a Chromium Crusher off Amazon for the same price but then had to spend $10 to ship it back because it was damaged. Fuck, if I had known I was spending $35 I would have probably bought a Space Case but that's life.

    I like my new grinder a lot. Grinds nice and very smooth. Four piece hard top with a kief catcher, and I love the little scraper it came with.

    Anyone worried about aluminum flakes?

    EDIT: I keep getting an error message on the pictures so I'll try again later.



    Edited to attach pix

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